Carla Conte explained why she chose to grow gray hair

Carla Conte she told what was the reason that led her to prefer show off your gray hair and, consequently, to completely abandon the use of tinctures. In that sense, the 43-year-old artist expressed how was the process that led her to make the decision, how the end of her program influenced, Confronted (The Nine) and how he feels since his mane has silver undertones. “It had been going around him for a long time because he hated the roots, hated the obligation of having to dye every three weeks. ”, he affirmed.

“The idea of ​​stopping dyeing I have been kneading in my head for a long time,” the host began to explain through her account. Instagram. And then he continued: “In march of last yearWhen my job was cut, which I had been doing for three years, the first thing I thought was ‘I don’t dye me anymore’ ”.

In this regard, the former presenter of Call TV (El Nueve) stated that ending the routine and not going on the air every day, gave him the opportunity to cheer up and venture into this new bet. “It seemed like a jail to me and I didn’t understand when he had chosen it ”. It was something that happened. I was half prey to the image for being working so exposed (on TV) ”, he pointed out.

In that order of ideas, the model delved into her aesthetic determination and the circumstance of having lost her job: “When I ran out of work I said ‘this is mine, I don’t dye it anymore’. A few weeks they send us all home in quarantine and I thought ‘great’, because I had already made the decision. “It should be clarified that there is an international movement called Silver sister, which promotes accepting white hair, living it natural and avoiding the use of chemicals.

In addition, with great sympathy, Carla revealed what it was like to go through that transition in which she said goodbye to one look and welcomed the other. “I did not suffer it at any time. In fact, seeing the process and how my gray hair grew gave me a happiness. The color of gray hair gave me joy, it seemed to me a beautiful hair and with a beautiful color. I always enjoyed it”, She commented with a notable smile, while highlighting that she feels very happy to see the reflection that the mirror returns to her every day.

Anyway, the driver maintained that she felt certain anxiety during this lifestyle change and even confessed that he cut his hair more than once. “I dream of having long, gray and beautiful hair. But I always lived it with great joy and liberation. I don’t feel old ”, she sentenced.

Cecilia Dopazo also chose to go gray

In tune with Carla Conte, Cecilia Dopazo was another of those who chose to abandon the use of tinctures. In that sense, the actress commented on It’s over there, the program they lead Soledad Fandiño and Guillermo Andino, through the screen of America TV, that this decision led her to a feeling of fullness and freedom.

“I didn’t even consider that I could leave my gray hair. With the pandemic it was the excuse, because I couldn’t go to the hairdresser. It relaxed me, a freedom appeared and it did me so well,” he said. And then he added: “I am not a slave to what I am supposed to be. I have never had so much work with this hair simultaneously. Notice to the producers that I am going to make a divine wig of the color that they want. “

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