Carla Haddad’s first comment after the Sakka episode in “Ramez Never End”: “Sorry, Sakka.”

07:58 PM

Friday, March 24, 2023

Books – Marwan Al-Tayeb:

The Lebanese media, Carla Haddad, published a photo through her official account on “Instagram”, during which she appeared, accompanied by the artist Ahmed El Sakka, behind the scenes of the second episode of the “Ramez Never End” program.

Carla commented on her photo with El-Sakka, saying, “Action star Ahmed El-Sakka, the victim of the second episode of the Ramez Never End program,” and ended her comment, “Sorry, Sakka.”

Ramez hosts, in his program, “Ramez Never End”, a group of art and media stars, and even the sports community, and the program is shown on “MBC Egypt” every day, after the Maghrib call to prayer.

It is noteworthy that Ahmed El-Sakka is waiting for the show of his series “War”, which is scheduled to be shown in the second half of Ramadan.

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