Carlos Ghosn is arrested again after making sure he is ready to "tell the truth"


The former president of Nissan Motor and Renault Carlos Ghosn was again arrested Thursday in Tokyo, a day after announcing in the social networks an upcoming press conference "to tell the truth" about his case that now remains pending.

The arrest of the 65-year-old executive arrived early, shortly after the members of the prosecutor's office entered his residence and voluntarily took him to his facilities, where he was detained.

He was later transferred to the correctional center in the Kosuge neighborhood, where he had already been detained for more than three months, according to the Kyodo news agency.

In a statement released by his legal team after arrest, Ghosn described the new arrest as "outrageous and arbitrary", which he described as "another attempt by some Nissan individuals to silence me and confuse prosecutors" .

Ghosn's new arrest comes the day after a Twitter account appears in his name announcing that April 11th would give his first press conference since the case was raised to "tell the truth about what is happening. "

Ghosn was arrested for the first time on November 19, 2018 in Tokyo, accused of having hidden from the financial authorities of Japan a millionaire compensation supposedly agreed with Nissan.

The arrest was extended with the addition of a second charge relating to the same offense and a third of breach of trust for allegedly using Japanese company funds to cover personal losses during the 2008 crisis and payments to a Saudi business man whom Nissan considers unjustified.

After 108 days of detention, Ghosn was released on bail on 6 March under strict conditions, such as the installation of surveillance cameras at the entrance of his residence, the limitation of his telephone communications or access limited to the Internet in the office of your lawyers

This Thursday's arrest would be linked to a new charge of aggravated breach of trust, linked to the transfer of funds by the presidency of Nissan and Renault, owned by Ghosn, to a distributor based in Oman.

Some funds would have been used to buy a yacht and cover personal loans from Ghosn, according to the Japanese and French press.

The statement provided today by the Tokyo Public Prosecutor's Office does not identify the companies involved, but specifies the amount the manager would have used to his advantage, about $ 5 million, and that the shipments took place in 2015 and in 2018.

Ghosn insisted today on his innocence of all the accusations and the accusations made against him "without foundation".

The executive has previously insisted that they are part of a "plot" orchestrated by Nissan executives when they sought to deepen the partnership with Renault and Mitsubishi Motors, which became president even when it was controlled by Nissan.

The lawyer who leads Ghosn's defense, Junichiro Hironaka, has criticized this new arrest in the statements to journalists.

Ghosn's exit in March qualified as a first victory in the case of Hironaka, a lawyer known for his success in cases involving high-profile personalities.

Despite having spent more than three months in prison, Ghosn's release was unusually early in Japan, where suspects are often jailed until the trial begins and bail is generally granted to those who admit the charges.

This feature of the Japanese legal system has been criticized internationally and earned him the nickname "hostage of justice".

If the deadlines applied by the Tokyo prosecutor's office are maintained in advance, Ghosn could be held in provisional detention up to 22 days before the release of the new indictment.

This would prevent him from appearing to journalists next Thursday, as he announced on Wednesday.

According to local media, it is very rare in Japan that a person released on bail be arrested again.



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