Carlos Trejo hits Alfredo Adame during the presentation of his fight


Mexico City /

Alfredo Adame and Carlos Trejo they appear in the midst of the controversy and blow the fighting of the exhibition "Adjustment of the account", which will support the next 2 October in 360 VENUE.

This Wednesday they offered a press conference to give all the details, but the spirits got hot when both opponents came out in front of the mediaand although everything seemed to be part of the show, the attacks leveled up.

But the climax of the conference that lasted a few minutes was when the paranormal investigator took a bottle of water and threw it to the driver, which was from the other side of the table, causing a cut on his face.

In the middle of the push, Trejo was taken from the post and the conference was suspended, as for Adame, Paramedics attended, but without major consequences.

The fight between the actor and the "ghost hunter" will be based on the sport of Mixed martial arts, since they will go up in the cage in a duel It will consist of 3 shifts of 3 minutes each.

This fight started cooking at the beginning of the year, due to a series of problems between both characters, which will try to resolve from the octagon in an "Account adjustment".

Tickets are already on sale and go by $ 350 to $ 1000 pesos.

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