Carlos’s romantic confession to María Clara

Today ends the night of María Clara’s birthday, who was very happy to celebrate with her friends forever, and although her children were not with her, they let her know how much they love her.

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But on this night of celebration, the looks were taken by Dr. Carlos Pérez, because since he forgot the date that was being celebrated, he decided to fix his mistake with a trip for María Clara to see Valentina in the United States.

This generated hundreds of comments, especially among his circle of friends, but María Clara assured Carlos that, even if they talk, Dr. Garnica knows how things are with him.

But what will happen in tonight’s episode is that Carlos and María Clara, played by Sebastián Carvajal and Diana Hoyos, will be left alone at her house, and things will be said about their love past.

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Right there, María Clara confesses to Carlos that she has given him the best day of his life, not only for being there but for the detail he had, and for that reason, Carlos also confesses that his children are very important to him, that they loves and wants to always see them together and happy.

This already generates anxiety among the thousands of followers of the novel, who hope that the love between them has not died and that they give themselves a chance, but what is also true is that Dr. Garnica arrives the next morning and it seems that everything is in order between them.

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Could it be that María Clara and Carlos will no longer be together forever? At 9:00 pm today it will be possible to know what will happen between them and if those words that were said will rescue something, or if on the contrary each one will continue their life with their partners.

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