Carmelo Anthony was Putrid on his return to Oklahoma City

Photo: Harry How (Getty)

Carmelo Anthony made his return to Oklahoma City tonight as a member of the Rockets, surely bringing good memories in the minds of Thunder fans of the time when … well, he did nothing on the floor in his year with the franchise as well as losing a lot of shots, but, uh, him shouted some cursed words live on TV once! It was fun.

In any case, Melo is persecuting Houston right now, contributing to the fall of a team that barely missed the NBA Finals and then made some really inexplicable moves this summer to make it even worse. You may have already heard this, but Carmelo * dramatic break * is bad. The suck continued tonight, when the Rockets scored a low season and fell from 98 to 80 to a Thunder team that did not even have Westbrook. It is probably better to forget a night when only one team wanted to play basketball against a team that clearly did not want to be less than three kilometers from a field, but here is the best game of the game: a Dennis Schroder in Jerami. Grant touches the ceiling.

The Thunder fans applauded when Carmelo Anthony entered for the first time in the game, but surely they would have whistled him tonight if he still had an OKC uniform. Here is the statuette of Melo: 20 minutes played at -22, two points on the roll 1 out of 11 (including six misses from three), five boards, zero assists, zero steals or blocks, and a turnover. Of course, Chris Paul also had a bad night, but Melo in particular was incredibly miserable.

By the way, Schroder, the new guy from this Thunder team, has entered double figures along with all the other OKC starters and has served five start ups, which are as many as Melo has the year. Home fans may not be happy to see a former player eating shit on his return, but damn it must be at least a little comforting to know that they found the antidote to poison just in time.


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