Carmen Crespo: “Agriculture is today the great hope for the future”

Antonio Fernandez

11:08 • 22 nov. 2020

Carmen Crespo, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of the Junta de Andalucía opened yesterday the XIV Almeriense Agriculture Conference in the XXI Century, and did so with a message of optimism for the future that lies ahead, ensuring that our agriculture, “in addition to supporting the trade balance, an excellent management of the crisis or its contribution to the provincial and regional economy, is currently the great hope for the future.”

States that the fruit and vegetable sector of Almeria is the absolute leader in production, marketing and exports in the Andalusian and Spanish agri-food sector with data that have continued to grow despite the pandemic, and points out that in these difficult times for all “we have covered with solvency, with quality and in a sustainable way in economic, social and environmental demand from markets and consumer needs ”.

Values ​​that Almería has a strong sector “and with the potential to continue growing, to open new markets and of being an example of the new times in agriculture at a national and international level, and that will probably be the best recipe to establish ourselves in a leadership achieved with a lot of work and a lot of effort ”.

The great challenges

When talking about the challenges that lie ahead, appeal to the commitment and support that the Almeria countryside has to have all the administrations in matters that are essential, from the trade agreements with third countries to the arrival of a Brexit that, even today, is still full of questions, which for Crespo is no less a problem “Because we are talking about the third most important market for Almeria agriculture, a solid client that has also increased its purchases by 11%, and which we have to try to maintain as it is”.

He criticized the persistence of vetoes and barriers in markets as important as Russia or the United States, one for the famous ‘Russian veto’, the other for the imposition of tariffs on Spanish products, and he appealed to take into account in current and future negotiations the impact that the agreements may have on producers, including those from Almeria.

And meanwhile, it is committed to an agricultural sector from Almeria that must continue covering stages, tackling challenges and showing that the path of sustainability and health here it was started a long time ago.

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