Carmen Linares: "I am 72 years old, my plan is to stay alive and be in music, but I also want to dedicate myself to enjoying"

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Until now, the Latin Recording Academy had never awarded one of its Special Awards for Musical Excellence to a flamenco artist… Until this Sunday, when Carmen Linares received that honorary Latin Grammyin a ceremony held in Seville.

“It is the first time that the Latin Grammys come to Spain and the Academy has decided to award two Spaniards: Ana Torroja, who is a great artist and a great reference for pop music… And me. And that they have decided to pay tribute to flamenco through me makes me very happy. That they value the legacy of an artist, his career and the contribution that you have made to music seems important to me,” Linares commented to EL MUNDO.

“Also, I am happy because flamenco deserves this type of honors. It is a very recognized art in the world. Both in Spain and outside of it. It is an art that has prestige. You just have to listen to it to know that it is one of the best music there is. There is immense quality in our genre and people value it infinitely. That’s why I have toured the world singing,” he explained.

Linares says that, in his four decades of career, he has traveled to countries such as Japan, France, Colombia and Mexico, where his followers have shown him immeasurable affection. She says that she knows that people love her and that that is already a great reward. However, the interpreter also recognizes that receiving this type of distinction is also “motivating” for her. “Receiving an award like this shows you that everything has been worth it,” she said.

“I have dedicated my life to flamenco. I have made sacrifices. But I have done everything with joy, because flamenco also gives you many beautiful things,” explained the legendary artist, who blushes when they call her a “legend.” “I know they say that about me and I think it’s a nice word, because people say it with affection. There are many people who buy my records and come to see my performances. And I appreciate it very much! “She said.

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