Carmen Sevilla, the miracle of error and the teacher of the earpiece: "You all have ‘germs’… Or were they ‘gemines’ or genes?"

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Bergson’s maxim that laughter suspends emotion and, therefore, helps to think is well known. Nobody excited takes a reflection beyond the blow to the chest or, worse, the insult. Laughter distances itself from the facts and, in its own way, strips them bare in all their crudeness. Reality is too absurd to be taken seriously. Carmen Sevilla took the teachings of the French philosopher very to heart, so much so that he turned the mistake into the most elegant and sensible way to get closer to the deepest. Carmen Sevilla was wrong and a loud laugh placed each of her guests on the very edge of each of our shared weaknesses, before the clear evidence of the ridicule that protects us all.

Between January 2004 and the end of 2010, the actress completed more than 300 presentations in the program neighborhood cinema which was also colloquia, interviews, talks or God knows what new journalistic genre. Account Francisco Quintanar, who was with her first as deputy director and later with command in the square, who came to public television to replace José Manuel Parada. The idea was to give the broadcast another air, not necessarily more festive, but with less piano. It was a matter of matching the popularity, regardless of who it was, of each of the films shown with the ease of blending in with the public of the new presenter. “Everyone was able to imitate her, everyone knew about the sheep and everyone was capable of remembering some of his memorable interventions in the Telecouponalthough he had left it a long time ago”, recalls Quintanar with due emotion and devotion.

And in the middle, as the authentic person in charge of everything that will come, the penguin The earpiece says the RAE that it is valid both for an inconspicuous wireless headset and, in certain regions of Spain, for an icicle, which is why it hangs. The earpiece hangs from the ear and hangs from common sense. The penguin chiva and confuses in equal measure. Orient and disorient. The earpiece was the soul of each of Carmen Sevilla’s certainties that ended up being the uncertainties of all of us.

When he interviewed Lolitagreat friend, Carmen could not help but gloss over her caste, lineage and heritage… What they come to be “his germs”. Lolita, dying of laughter, corrected him and reminded him that the supposed infection was caused by his genes, not germs. “Gemines“, she corrected herself, aware of her mistake. And so. On another occasion with Emilio Gutierrez Caba he could not help but refer to his successful series Grand Reserve where, as everyone knows, the actor (also he with some germs remarkable) gave life to “January One”. After a moment of confusion where neither the interviewee wanted to appear impolite nor the interviewer dared to question the glory of avant-garde theater or, perhaps, of the most classic auto sacramental, things were left in “grocer”. It was neither January 1, nor February 2, nor San Fermín, Gutiérrez Caba racked wine not seasons.

“The magic of the matter is that the first one who burst out laughing was her. And her laugh was so obviously natural that no one thought that it could be a prepared joke. It was simply Carmen Sevilla. When we were going to record the program throughout Spain it was impossible to take a step down the street…”, recalls Quintanar and, as he plays and because of Bergson, he cannot help but start laughing. The list is long, but it should not be extended.

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