Caroline Farberger resigns as CEO of ICA Försäkring – becomes venture capitalist

Caroline Farberger, who became a national celebrity when she told about her gender correction from man to woman, will be a partner and working chairman of the board at the venture capital company Wellstreet. It writes several media, among them DN.

“That I now choose to move on in my career is about being ready to take the next step in my personal development. I look forward to following ICA Försäkring’s continued journey of success. There is a high growth potential with ICA and ICA Banken “, says Caroline Farberger in a press release.

Wellstreet was founded in 2016 by, among others, Mikael Wintzell, today CEO of the company. Wellstreet invests in young technology companies and has previously invested in, Tibber and Bambuser. Companies are now looking a lot at fintech companies, according to DI.

“It is a home arena for me and I know what challenges the established players face. I see a large market for small tech players to come in with new solutions to streamline the financial industry “, says Caroline Farberger to DI.

Caroline Farberger will remain in her role at ICA Försäkring until a new CEO is in place or no later than 31 May. The company has begun the recruitment work of a new CEO.

“We have had the privilege of having Caroline Farberger with us for almost six years and I would like to express our great thanks on behalf of ICA. What she and her team have achieved with the construction and development of ICA Försäkring’s business is really appreciated by our customers. Not least, Caroline Farberger’s efforts, drive and competence have been invaluable in that work, ”says Marie Halling, CEO of ICA Banken, in a press release.

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ICA Försäkring has grown rapidly since the start in 2016 and today has over 200,000 customers. On October 1, 2021, the company passed an annual premium volume of SEK 800 million.

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