Caroline Fontenoy, almost in time, shares unpublished family photos: “That’s it, we have entered the 9th month”

© Instagram Caroline Fontenoy

That’s it, we entered the 9th month“, a started Caroline Fontenoy on Instagram. A message that accompanies photos of her, round stomach, and her companion.

The journalist, already the mother of a little Lou, 2 years old, explains that it was not “not won in advance“.By dint of patience and will baby can today arrive safely“, she continues.

“This time, go to the maternity ward and not neonate. I even had time to pack my suitcase“, says Caroline Fontenoy before thanking her relatives and those who follow her.

Thank you for all your encouragement, the support of our loved ones and the great medical team around us. Courage to all the mothers who are in my case. You are warriors“.

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