CarPlay gears up for a major revamp, according to Bloomberg

Android users have Android Auto to enjoy a multimedia operating system in the car, while Apple is betting on CarPlay. As reported Bloomberg the company has big plans for CarPlay, with a new initiative known as ‘IronHeart’.

It is a project to take CarPlay to the highest level, making it possible for us to control car functions from iPhone. Air conditioning, seats, sound equipment …, according to the source, it will be about turning the iPhone into a control system for vehicle technologies, an ambitious project that still has no date.

The iPhone as the control center of your vehicle

As we read in Engadget, new information points to an ambitious Apple project, which will have to have good eyesight on car manufacturers, since they will be the ones that allow or not the implementation of these technologies.

The iPhone would allow CarPlay to even access the vehicle’s sensors, to control the climate control, seats, speedometer and other instruments, etc.

Specifically, it is about make CarPlay capable of controlling more elements of the vehicle, something similar to what HomeKit can do with our home, controlling lights, speakers and connected devices. Specifically, we could control elements of the car such as:

  • Indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity reading.
  • Air conditioning areas, fans and defrosting systems.
  • Adjustment of speakers, equalizers, and other controls of the car sound system.
  • Seats and armrests.
  • Clocks that measure speed, revolutions, consumption and fuel levels.

This project needs the good eyesight of the manufacturers, who would have to allow access to our iPhone to quite sensitive functions and sensors of the vehicle. Currently, almost every new vehicle has access to Android Auto and CarPlay, although manufacturers also work on complete infotainment systems.

According to the source, ‘IronHeart’ would be one of Apple’s most important movements towards the automotive world in recent years, with no news yet on the date on which it will end up materializing.

Via | Bloomberg

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