Carragher writes: Mohamed Salah, the “legend”, will tarnish his legacy and join a Manchester club!

The Englishman, Jimmy Carragher, the legend of Liverpool, demanded the management of his club, to find a solution to renew the contract of the team’s attacking star, the Egyptian, Mohamed Salah, and to prevent his departure with two years remaining until the end of his contract.

Mohamed Salah had moved to Liverpool, four years ago, from AC Roma, for 42 million euros.

Our Egyptian star shone in his first season, and succeeded in winning the Golden Boot, and became among the players who scored the most goals in one season in the Premier League, so that Liverpool in the following season renewed his contract until 2023.

Watch 100 goals of Mohamed Salah with Liverpool

Mohamed Salah, in 4 seasons with Liverpool, played 211 matches in various competitions, and contributed to 182 goals, scoring 133 goals and providing 49 assists.

Liverpool is facing difficulty in renewing Mohamed Salah’s contract, which expires within two years, due to the financial demands of our Egyptian star, which the Merseyside Reds administration rejects.

Here is what Carragher wrote in his article about Mohamed Salah

The heartfelt tribute to Roger Hunt posthumously is a reminder that the best footballers are often appreciated long after they stop playing.

Jurgen Klopp recently said that you can only be called a legend after you retire, and there is a tendency to hesitate before real greatness is acknowledged when you are before us, and the bitter truth is that sometimes it is only in death that a player’s legacy is recognized.

Sometimes, we should have more fun than those of the modern age, they deserve to be spoken of with respect as the greats of the past.

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If anyone chooses the historic Liverpool squad, the name Salah will be there now, after four perfect seasons, he will forever be in this prestigious squad like Kenny Dalglish, Steven Gerrard, Ian Rush and John Barnes.

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Last week against Porto he scored a goal, which means he has eight goals in 8 games this season, 38 goals and 45 assists in the Champions League, he has reached 133 goals with Liverpool in 211 games.

If he stays for another four years, Salah will be close to equaling Roger Hunt’s number (285 goals), and only Rush is above him on the scorers list. At Anfield after his current contract expires on June 30, 2023.

I think there is an assumption that the impasse will be resolved in talks over a new deal, as the club and his representative concede, to ensure Al Masry’s commitment until he is 33 years old. A serious mistake if the situation is left to drag on.

I understand that it’s not as simple as saying “just give the player what he wants” without really considering the financial consequences, as ex-players, fans and media, we can’t on the one hand condemn our clubs for risking economic stability, or explore controversial ways to increase revenue while on the other we demand payment ‘Whatever it takes’ There are clubs that pay £100m to sign one player, so the money has to come from somewhere.

The Liverpool management is doing well economically, and they don’t want to do things that cause long-term financial damage by agreeing wages of more than £400,000 a week.

Signing Mohamed Salah on a 4-year contract, for example, would represent a commitment of around £83m. There will be a calculation that if his level drops significantly after he turns 30, the club may be stuck with a high-income player draining resources.

But I can argue that exceptional players are guaranteed to be treated as an exception, everything about Salah indicates that unless he suffers a serious injury he is in perfect physical shape and professional on and off the field, and will continue to score and assist until he is 33 years old, and maybe for two years after that, now Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are an inspiration to other players, showing how commitment and being over 30 is no barrier to lasting excellence.

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Even at Anfield, Liverpool have James Milner on the verge of turning 36, and he’s not been as much of a starter as he used to be, nor is he the highest paid player in the Premier League, but he has shown he is doing well against Porto and is expected To play again against Manchester City on Sunday, his adaptive work over two decades means he can still perform at the highest level, there is good reason to believe Salah will do the same at the same age.

I’ve said many times that I admire the club’s owners for changing Liverpool’s hiring policy, they’ve got a lot right, but surely once you help nurture one of the best players in the world, make him a positive global icon for your club, you want to cherish that and direct the resources to keep him throughout. His peak goalscoring years?

For me, that’s the purpose of recent and upcoming expansions and deals, to do well in the transfer market and to be able to keep the best and give star players new suitable contracts.”

Klopp has vowed that captain Jordan Henderson’s deal will be “settled” after a short stalemate and it’s done right away, but says he’s “not involved” in Salah’s negotiations, which seems odd. It has yet to be explained satisfactorily.

When we talk about Liverpool’s renaissance, we often focus on the influence of Van Dijk and Alisson, and take the team to another level, that’s fair but we must not forget that the foundations were there due to the direct influence of Salah, who was already on his way to scoring 44 goals in his first season when he signed Van Dyck.

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Salah never stops and always has a real contribution, look at all the nights of the Champions League, including the 2019 final, and the most intense and important matches against Manchester City, Chelsea or Manchester United.

This influence separates Salah from predecessors such as Fernando Torres and Luis Suarez, who produced great moments but did not contribute to the biggest trophies, and it is sometimes claimed that Salah does not receive much love from fans in (The Kop) such as Torres and Suarez. So many heroes, and adoration in common, this gives the perception that it is still not appreciated enough.

Salah’s agent has a compelling case for expecting his client to earn a salary that makes him the best Premier League player like Kevin De Bruyne is. Premier League and UEFA, with what will be achieved this season and next season, and the future if it signed for an additional two years.

And maybe Salah and his representatives should admit that Liverpool helped him realize his potential as much as he helped Liverpool realize theirs.

There will be an important question, where will Salah go and what will suit him as well as Anfield? Only Man City, United and Paris Saint-Germain can afford the kind of huge salary that Salah hopes to get, will they pay him when he turns 31 in 2023? Does Salah really want to join a Manchester club and tarnish his legacy at Anfield?

Twenty-five years from now, fans will remember this era and reflect on how lucky they were to watch Salah’s goals, they will re-watch the videos and see his stats with a sense of awe, and I hope they don’t look back and ask this question: “Why in the world did he leave before he had a chance to beat him?” Roger Hunt’s record?


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