Carriers are moving out of our state: they have also named the latest direction

Due to the unfavorable environment for this business area, more and more transport companies are being established in Lithuania in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, and the latest direction is Latvia. As many as half a thousand entrepreneurs left Lithuania.

It is forecasted that in the near future the concentration of Lithuanian transport companies may increase in Latvia, as business enters these markets with more courage, where conditions are more favorable for our sector. There is no quota system in this country for hiring truck drivers, which is lacking worldwide. There is also no coefficient system, which is applied in our calculation of Lithuanian salaries and taxation of daily allowances.

According to experts, this could be a bailout for small and small market participants, who are experiencing the greatest difficulties and account for as much as 90%. transport sector in Lithuania.

Such activity has not yet occurred. As an intermediary, my phone is constantly hot from calls and various requests.

“There are criteria for Poland’s attractiveness that are difficult to overcome – it’s geographical proximity to Western Europe, so our country needs to make additional arguments to overcome these inconveniences. “It is very high, Poles are not afraid to employ even more than a million Ukrainians. At the same time, Poland and Latvia have a more attractive environment for taxing reinvested earnings, which encourages business growth,” economist Marius Dubnikov told ELTA.

Ignas Volbikas, a member of the board of Savesta Consulting, which helps carriers to settle in Poland, points out that a record number of transport companies are being set up in Poland this year – almost 500.

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“There has been no such activity yet. My phone as a broker is constantly hot from calls and various inquiries. Of course, decisions to continue abroad are not made during the day, business responsibly evaluates all possibilities and prepares. For example, at the beginning of this year, there were 90 companies, and now – almost 500, which are being established in Poland, “says I. Volbikas. According to Povilas Drižas, the head of the International Transport and Logistics Alliance, the crisis of truck drivers in Europe is exacerbated by the growing demand for transport services, which cannot be offset by the low activity of new drivers entering the labor market.

“The crisis of shortage of professional drivers affects the whole economy, as it covers supply chains, industrial production, trade and the supply of goods to end users. Therefore, it is not just a matter of transport and logistics business. The state and business must address this issue together,” .Lice.

According to him, the simplification of migration and employment procedures by attracting drivers from other countries must become a priority direction of economic policy. This requires reforming immigration policy to include responsible state institutions.

“A large proportion of major hauliers have set up driver training centers, academies and invested in quality training infrastructure.” P.Drižas.

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