Cars are rarely used, Should the battery be revoked or not?

JAKARTA, – There are still many companies that still apply work from home or work from home ( WFH) in the middle pandemic Covid-19, making the intensity of the use of four-wheeled vehicles will also be reduced.

Cars that are rarely used does not mean it will last longer than those that are often used.

On the contrary, a vehicle that is used more often will be better for guarding component there is, one of them is who.

The source of electric current and the life of the engine of the car must get a supply of current to maintain its condition in order to remain vibrant. Then what if the car is rarely used, is it necessary to revoke the battery or not?

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Dealer Technical Support Dept Head PT Toyota Astra Motor ( TAM) Didi Ahadi explained, if the car is rarely used for a long time, the battery cable should be removed. Illustration of car battery maintenance

This is to avoid the electrical current sucked in the battery because of the use of several features such as alarms and others.

“The car is left behind and is not being used while the battery is still connected, then the battery will eventually become obsolete. This is due to features that still use the electric current from the battery, “Didi told some time ago.

By pulling the battery cable, Didi said, it could avoid the poor battery condition when the car was going to be used.

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“If the car is going to be used again, the battery cable can be re-installed, this is to prevent the battery from becoming worn out,” he said.

Apart from the battery, Didi added, there should be no other components that need to be removed. Just take it off battery only then electricity will be maintained.

Car battery jumper technique.Ghulam / Ottoman Car battery jumper technique.

“There is no need for any (other components) to be removed, only the battery,” he said.

However, before removing the battery Didi suggested that he still pay attention to the car maintenance manual.

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Remember, each car has a different technology so that when the battery is removed it can have an effect on the electronics in it.

“Reset can occur, for example auto power window, auto backdoor. And it needs to be re-set, some can be initialized themselves but some have to use a scanning tool in the workshop, “he said.


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