Cars “made in Spain” increase their sales abroad

While the domestic market has shown red numbers in the last two months, sales of Spanish cars have improved last October so that vehicle exports grew by 3.7% last month, according to data provided by The manufacturers. The production of the plants established in Spain has fallen by almost a quarter compared to the figures recorded last year.

Indeed, while in October the Spanish market fell by 21% and became the third worst recovering market within the European environment, Spain stood out as the country that suffered the greatest decline compared to Germany (-3.6% ), United Kingdom (-1.6%), France (-9.5%) or Italy (-0.2%). The domestic market is the third largest destination for buying vehicles “made in Spain”, only behind France and Germany, so that domestic demand is a determining factor for the recovery of the rate of production of Spanish factories.

For this reason, foreign sales have grown by 3.7% in October. At the country level, exports in the month were led by Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and Turkey. It is worth noting the situation in Italy, as it has registered a 23.2% growth in its purchases compared to the same month of the previous year or that of Turkey, which has increased its demand by 312% in October. The opposite case to highlight would be that of the United Kingdom, which has received 18.8% less of Spanish exports. Of equal importance are exports to destinations outside of Europe, such as Japan, which has grown by 141.5% or the United States, by 91.2%

Regarding production, October registers a decline of 1.7%, with a total of 265,504 vehicles manufactured, mainly due to the great contraction suffered by the Spanish domestic market. Spanish factories registered a 24.8% drop in the last ten months, with 1,802,735 units produced. For its part, the export of vehicles adds its third positive month, accumulating up to October a total of 1,547,837 vehicles shipped outside our borders, reducing the annual fall to 20.8%, which represents more than three points of improvement with respect to the previous month. The production of electrified vehicles increases its rate compared to the previous year, accumulating 36,654 electric vehicles and 51,573 plug-in hybrids.

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