Cars that stop, park and talk in Argentina: prices

More and more systems are at the service of drivers to make the trip safer. Advances from Ford, Peugeot, Citroën, Toyota and more

Safety and assistants for semi-autonomous driving became key issues for automakers and, little by little, this type of equipment was leaving the “halo of exclusivity of premium brands”, to become part of massive brands and products and available to new customers.

The “democratization” has been such that what until a few years ago was a luxury, today comes as standard. An example of the most basic are the airbags, with several cars that bring 6 “bags” from the entry-level version. But the changes have been more, and others are contemplated systems that act by themselves and even prevent accidents.

in the local market, These proposals start in vehicles that are priced from $3,400,000, which are the top-of-the-range models of small segments (cars and SUVs) and extend to the most equipped and large ones, such as pick-ups and SUVs, which are around $8 million. Then the offer includes imported ones, with prices in dollars from 60,000 and up.

What are they called and what do they consist of?

Although each brand names its security and infotainment systems with different names, generally speaking are known as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), and are intended to help driving and prevent accidents and victims of trafficking.

It’s like having eyes that see everything that happens around the car and with that information they act accordingly so that the driver makes decisions with the greatest possible safety. those eyes are sensors that are combined with cameras and video sensors, both in the upper part and central area of ​​the windshield and with cameras in the mirrors or in the rear.

Driving systems increasingly assist driving.

Studies hold that if all vehicles had these systems installed, 40% of all traffic accidents could be prevented, 37% of all serious injuries and 30% of all deaths related to road accidents.

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That is why for the European Union, Some of this equipment must be installed on a compulsory basis by vehicle manufacturers starting this year. Among them are:

  • automatic emergency braking
  • lane keeping systems
  • Reversing detection for all vehicles
  • smart speed assistant
  • Fatigue and attention detector
  • Belt reminder in rear seats
  • Blind spot information systems for trucks and buses
  • Tire pressure monitoring for all vehicles
  • Event data recorder for all vehicles
  • Crash Test Requirements Updates

The offer in Argentina

In the country there different brands and proposals that have very “safe” models. Ford is one of those that democratized security in Argentina. The system you use is called Co-Pilot 360, and has fatigue detection (a cup of coffee appears on the dashboard when the driver performs “strange” maneuvers); cruise control with steering wheel controls, 7 Airbags (driver and passenger, driver’s knee, chest and curtain sides),

What’s more, has stability control (ESP), traction control (TCS) y roll control (ROM), among others. To this is added the assistant and emergency brake lights, which act in case the driver does not and there is a car nearby.

Ford Ranger, the pick up with maximum safety.

Ford Ranger, the pick up with maximum safety.

These systems are available in various brand models, from the pick up Ranger manufactured in Argentina, from the XLT version ($5,790,000 price), until the Limited, which adds technological details, with a value of 7,782,000 pesos.

Also the new SUV Bronco It has additional security systems: 9 airbags and the adaptive cruise control with stop & go and lane centering. What this system does is brake alone, reacting if the vehicle in front does so or by slowing down. All this without the driver touching any pedals or activating any buttons.

At the same time, after that moment, the speed is normalized. It also centers the vehicle in the lane if it detects driver inaccuracies. Add to this post-collision system, that is to say, in the event of a crash, it automatically activates beacons, horn and door unlocking.

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Another system that acts alone is the pedestrian detection, that is to say, If someone crosses the road at night, the vehicle stops. Added to this is state-of-the-art technology such as the front and rear parking camera, with 180° vision, ideal for steep descents where the front of the vehicle is not visible.

It also has a system blind spot information (a light flashes in the rear view mirrors if a vehicle approaches, at a point where it cannot be seen); and another of speed sign recognition, to avoid, among other things, some fines for excesses. Bronco prices range from $6,871,000 for the Sport to $7,642,300 for the WildTrak.

Ford Bronco, the brand's most extreme SUV.

Ford Bronco, the brand’s most extreme SUV.

In Peugeot there are also many security systems within reach. One of the models that offers complete assistance is the 208 made in Argentina, in El Palomar. It offers it in the version Feline, the top of the range, and has, among other things, speed limit indication (signal reading), automatic adaptation of the light environment, collision risk alert, automatic emergency braking, lane keeping assistance, rear parking sensors, rest alert, driver attention alert by camera, among others.

This model is priced at $3,400,000 (It is capped so that the internal tax does not reach it).

Peugeot 208, with all the security, is preparing to arrive in an electric version.

Peugeot 208, with all the security, is preparing to arrive in an electric version.

The same systems have models of a higher level, such as the 3008 and 5008, the first priced from $6.945.840, and the second with a single version a 7.230.988 pesos.

In the case of Citroen, the C4 Cactus It is one of the safest and most economical cars on the market in the small SUV segment. This model starts at $3,022,400 and extends up to $3,314,000. In the top-of-the-range version, it has the Pack Drive Assist, what’s wrong with it Active Safety Brake, collision alert, lane departure alert and driver inattention alert. Its price is $3,400,000, also with a cap so as not to have internal tax..

In Toyota, the security system is called Safety Sense, which was recently incorporated into new models. behold a improvement in the frontal pre-collision system (PCS), with pedestrian and cyclist detection, adaptive cruise control (ACC) and lane departure warning system (LDA).

This system is available on models such as the midsize sedan Corolla, the Corolla Cross and SW4 SUVs and the Hilux pick up. As for prices, in the Corolla the system is available from the SEG version, which starts in $4.432.000.

In the case of Corolla Cross, also offers it from the same version, with a value of $5,387,000, while the Hilux adds it to the SRV and SRX that start at 5,818,000 pesos.

The premium and the techno

In the case of high end brandsIn addition to security, personalization systems are included. For example BMW inaugurated a new trend with the 3 Series, which includes the factory personal assistant. I know activate by saying “hi BMW” aloud and allows you to configure different functions of the vehicle, from audio to driving modes.

It also can consult the user manual, digitized and recorded. The Series 3 It also has several driving aids, such as crash risk alert, adaptive cruise control and automatic parking system.

As news, is the first BMW to offer the Reversing Assistant, a function of semi-autonomous driving, which allows to escape -reverse gear- from narrow or complex places to maneuver It has software that memorizes the final 50 meters of each maneuver and is capable of retracing them in reverse, dodging obstacles, accelerating and braking.

In addition to safety issues, Mercedes Benz cars also affect the driver, making him feel particularly special. because the economy 4.0 not only makes technology safer, but also “tailor-made” of the user.


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