Cartier reveals to his players to face ES Setif. And the rehabilitation of Agai and Najib


French coach Patrice Cartiron, Al Ahly's technical director, held a session with team players on the field at Mukhtar Tatch, before Al-Sabah Al-Sabahi took off on Saturday.

During this session, Cartier wanted to talk with his players about the importance of the next ES Setif and the need to make every effort to get a good result to qualify for the final of the African championship.

Al Ahly prepares to travel on Sunday morning in Algeria in preparation for the ES Setif Tuesday in the semi-final of the Africa Champions League.

While Mohammed Najib and Junior continued to perform the training exercises on the sidelines of the team, where Najib and Ajay played their training around the stadium to recover from injury.

Najib suffers from a cut in the cartilage of the knee, while Agai suffers a cut in the inner ligament of the knee was exposed in the Red Team game in front of Townhip groups of the African Champions League.



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