Cartoon shows Ted Baker culture as being 'sex mad' in the 1990s - The Telegraph

TO source said the manager responsible for the cartoon, was reprimanded and left the company shortly afterwards.

A manager of a regional branch, who is openly gay, told The Telegraph he was embarrassed when he said Mr. Kelvin made a crude comment in front of staff and customers. He said: "We are going to be busy with a" . "

The source said Mr Kelvin was "bullying and intimidating" and made "inappropriate comments".

A source close to Mr. Kelvin said they did not recognize either the newsletter or the claim of what he said to the manager. Mr Kelvin was teetotal so i would be unlikely to say they were drinking mates.

To Ted Baker spokesman said: "The investigation will consider all relevant matters which have been or are

notified to the company. A further announcement will be done in two ways of looking into the investigation.

"It continued."


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