Carvajal responds to Aitana Bonmatí about the lack of support from footballers: "I don’t know what it can refer to"

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Dani Carvajal responded to journalists’ questions after the victory against Norway (0-1) that owes Spain qualification for the 2024 Euro Cup. And the full-back was asked about the words of the player Aitana Bonmatí in the program of the Sixth ‘Saved’in which he stated that he did not expect greater support from male footballers in the confrontation between the players and the Federation.

The Madrid player, who already got involved in the controversy surrounding the women’s soccer team, tried to avoid the controversy. “I don’t know, the truth is that I don’t know what you mean by supporting more or not supporting. In the end what happened happened, they are restructuring what they believe or they do not feel comfortable within their environment in the Federation. They are restructuring, as I say, or trying to restructure all the staff, marketing, communication, etc., etc. And we, well, we focus on what we have to do, on winning and continuing to do our thing,” he replied.

Previously, when the controversy over Luis Rubiales was on the front page, Carvajal gave his opinion in a press conference that for many was a show of support for the former president of the RFEF. “In the statement we admit that the president’s behavior is not appropriate. And there are legal entities that are considering whether it really is Jennifer He is a victim of something that is being processed. We stay on the sidelines. There are people who have to decide,” he admitted last September.

And he insisted that footballers “cannot take a position or condemn one part or another beforehand without really knowing what has happened, because to this day Jennifer has not filed the complaint either.”

The defender also answered questions about the match against Norway. “We played a fairly complete game. They created practically no chances for us and we are going home happy with the qualification for the Euro Cup“, analyzed Carvajal.

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