News Case closed coronavirus doctor Misael González Doctor Polo

Case closed coronavirus doctor Misael González Doctor Polo

  • Former collaborator of the Closed Case program tests positive for coronavirus
  • Doctor Misael González relates which medicines he used as treatment
  • Ana María Polo, better known as Dra. Polo, is the owner of the program

Dr. Misael González, former collaborator of the famous Case Closed program that Ana María Polo leads, better known, Dr. Polo through the Telemundo chain, tests positive for the coronavirus in Florida and tells how she realizes the disease, she says. who recovers after abiding by the isolation suggested by the health authorities.

It was through a video that circulates on YouTube that the doctor reported his current health situation through a conversation he had with the Cuban actress Maka Rivero Veloz. In the Mag portal it is indicated that he used some medicines to contain the virus, which he did not know he had at the time.

In the video, Misael González explains the following: “But I am fine, thank God, I am not able to stop on a television program and give an opinion if I did not study it, if I did not read it, if I did not find it, I find out I have always been very responsible with my criteria, so I ask your followers to find out before criticizing me. “

This comment from Dr. Misael González, former collaborator of the Dra. Polo program, Case Closed, came in relation to the alleged medications that he used to cure the coronavirus, which according to the Mag portal were 200 mgs hydroxychloroquine sulfate and was They take two, then azithromycin, in the same dose, however, he says that in another video that commented on it, he received much criticism.

“Medicine is not an exact science and that is why the doctor-patient relationship is very important, that is why credibility is important, and I that is why when I go to study something I first look at where, who is saying it, because even the industry pharmaceutical company that everyone knows, has manipulated scientific information to sell things and have had to withdraw it backwards.

Then he added: “To our regret they always win because they sell so much, that later they can compensate those who damaged, (inaudible) their mouths so that they do not speak, buy the scientists who remain in the world honest and we pay the consequences of what’s happening”.

It was then that he warned: “I say it this way because I believe that I am not in China and I believe that they will not kill me or disappear as they did with the first doctor who revealed what was happening, who said that this was a laboratory virus and at two weeks woke up dead from the virus, how sad. “

And finally he said the treatment he used to end the coronavirus: “They are two tablets of hydroxychloroquine with one tablet of azithromycin, they are 200 milligrams and you take two, I took them together and I am alive, I think thanks to that, the three Together, I remember well that when I read the French study he recommended 600 milligrams and I took 600 milligrams, but he gave me a stomach ache and diarrhea. ”

The doctor says he had the test and was finally told he tested positive.


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