Case of the Clerk of the Walloon Parliament: after being heard by Justice, Frédéric Janssens breaks the silence

After being heard by the courts on Thursday for more than 6 hours, Frédéric Janssens, the clerk of the Walloon parliament suspended since mid-September, broke his silence on Friday evening on LN24 and in a long message on Facebook.

I am hurt. It’s an unfair situation, but I’m combative and respectful of the rules. And I wish the truth triumphs“, he said there, assuring that he had nothing to reproach himself for.There has not been a euro of personal enrichment.

Asked about the harassment complaints filed against him, the clerk recalled that there were “goals to achieve“, fixed by the Bureau of the parliament.”I could make mistakes, lack empathy. But sometimes you have to remind people that they are paid to work. However, I regret that agents have had to suffer from their work and I regret that words may have been misinterpreted, misunderstood“, continued Frédéric Janssens, pointing in stride”the smear campaign“launched following the reform of the Staff Regulations initiated at the beginning of 2022 and which has “obviously not for everyone“.

As for the explosion of expenses related to the construction of the house of parliamentarians and the pedestrian junction between the car park and the parliament, they have been approved, he recalled.

The first amounts were the outline of the project. Then we delay because decisions are not made and prices increase. I don’t see where the element of surprise is. Can you really imagine that I wake up one morning saying that we need a house of parliamentarians? These are decisions of the Bureau“, added the clerk.

There remains the question of travel, including that to Dubai which finally led to the resignation of the president of parliament, Jean-Claude Marcourt.

It may seem huge but these are the market prices. And then, is it different in the other missions of the public authorities?“, he falsely wondered.

This whole affair is truly regrettable. All my life I have worked tirelessly. Today, being coerced and forced to stay at home is not my conception of the role of a high official. I only ask to work, but I have to obey my hierarchy“, chained Frédéric Janssens.

I am delighted with one thing: the political and media trial now gives way to the judiciary. I have full confidence in Justice and will continue to cooperate fully to assert my rights. Where we state assumptions, I will deliver facts. I hope that all the light will be shed to strengthen Walloon democracy“, he concluded.

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