Case Orlandi 35 years later. "The answer is in the Vatican"


Pisa, 7 November 2018 – He was 8 months old when Emanuela disappeared as swallowed by that bus in the crowd. But he has always been passionate about the great Italian mysteries and so, when he read a book on the case Orlandi, of which today he has returned to speak for the discovery of bones in the Nunciature, was so taken by a sad and incredible story to decide to deepen it. The Pisan (born and raised in the city of the Leaning Tower) Tommaso Nelli, a journalist, after a thesis on the story of the 15 year old disappearance in 1983, wrote "Act of pain. Investigation errors, unpublished testimonies and declassified documents: the case of Emanuela Orlandi is still an open match »(David Matthaus publisher), a new edition is due soon.

Why did you decide to deal with a fact that has moved and disturbed throughout Italy and beyond?

"I've always liked the history of our country, especially that from the second world war to today. After having given the first exam for the specialist in Journalism at La Sapienza, I went to the bookstore to buy something on the Magliana band but I did not find anything in particular, so, in the same area, I found a book about Orlandi. I read it and opened a world to me, many of the places mentioned were part of my everyday life ».

From here, his thesis.

"Yes written in three months, but in which I managed to collect material and interviews".

What did you start from?

"I tried to reconstruct the social universe of Emanuela, the microcosms that made up her life. The school, the friendships in the Vatican (she was a citizen of this state), the music school. But also to reconstruct what happened that June 22, 1983. It disappeared in a surreal context, undergoing Renaissance in Rome between the Senate and Piazza Navona ».

What hit you?

«The fact that from an investigative point of view the dynamics had not been too deep».

And the book?

"I had the opportunity to talk to many people. So I activated myself. In the documents on the instigators of the attack on the pope, I found a series of acts on Orlandi and contacts transcribed from his diary. I took the phone call lists of '83, it was 2014, and went to the addresses of the time. Among the various witnesses, I heard a friend of hers. To whom Emanuela, it was spring of the famous year, he confided that some time before, during a walk to the Vatican gardens, he was approached by a clergyman who annoyed her. Among other things, always the same friend, said that two weeks before the disappearance saw her darkened ».

The track of the job proposal received that day by Emanuela?

"These were widespread incidents at the time: an excuse to approach girls".

So, to be discarded … But did you have an idea?

"I believe that the solution can be somehow inside the Vatican and that the sexual motive may be one of the most probable".

Have you ever had problems with your research?

"Attempts to belittle my work yes. But never received threats. "


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