Castes: “I wanted to get married, but my friend’s father said that we are not of the same social rank”

November 26, 2022

Photo credit, Alassane Dia/BBC

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Ramata Ba says he does not understand the failure of his matrimonial project.

Ramata Ba fell in love with a compatriot. But her desire to marry the suitor came up against the refusal of the future father-in-law, who did not want their marital union on the grounds that the young lady belongs to a caste.

“When he said to me ‘no, I don’t want you’, I felt belittled, I felt like I was useless, that (…) I didn’t deserve to have a man like him (…) I was confronted with this caste situation. I wanted to marry a Senegalese. But when his father found out which family I came from, he felt that it was a problem insofar as we did not we are not of the same social rank”, she says.

“I’m not going to be put down by this kind of situation”

“His father believes that they (his son, himself and their family) belong to a certain nobility and high society, and that my family and I belong are of an inferior group. For them, the union was not possible, therefore. In his opinion, the fact of us getting married would make his son unhappy and dirty his family. It was a shame for them, “says the young lady.

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