Castilla-La Mancha, Asturias and Aragón, the CCAA with the highest percentage of socialists against the amnesty

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Castilla la Mancha It is the autonomous community with the highest percentage of socialist militants opposed to the application of an amnesty to those prosecuted for the illegal independence referendum of Catalonia. 19.8% of the participants in the internal consultation carried out by the party to endorse its post-electoral pacts have said no to this measure of grace in a territory governed by Emiliano García-Page, the baron who has most forcefully opposed the assignments demanded by Junts and ERC in exchange for their support for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez.

They are followed in the ranking by the highest volume of affiliates who do not support this judicial relief for those involved in 1-O Asturias y Aragon, with 17% and 16% rejection by its bases. They complete the quintet of regions where a greater proportion of noes against Galicia (14,7%), Estremadura (13,5%) y Cantabria (13,4).

After the scrutiny of the votes of the militancy, 87.13% of the citizens with a socialist card who have responded to the consultation – 63.4% of the total census of 172,600 members – have, however, endorsed the future amnesty law law. The regions where the greatest support has been registered have been Valencian Community (92,7%), las Canary Islands (91%) and the Basque Country (90,1%).

In Cataloniahowever, both support and participation have been lower than the national average: in the community most affected by the process 85.2% of the 7,909 PSC members who responded to the consultation voted yes – 61.6% of the census – and 12.2% voted against, slightly above the average of 11.9%. in Spain as a whole.

The Secretary of Organization, Santos Cerdanpointed out this Sunday in statements sent to the media that “PSOE militants throughout Spain are with Pedro Sanchez“The leaders only have to act with loyalty to what our bases ask of us (…). It is the mandate that came from the polls on July 23 and the formula to achieve it has been ratified by the vast majority” , has added the Number Three of the party and sent by Ferraz for the photo in Brussels con Carles Puigdemont prior to an investiture agreement with together which has not yet been closed.

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