[Cat fortune-telling]What is your luckiest cat? September 27-October 3 Fortune Ranking-Fortune-telling / Supervision Ayano Akizuki / Original / Illustration Inuyo Hiro

Cat fortune-telling September 27-October 3 Fortune ranking

[Cat fortune-telling]vol. 118

Fortune-telling your fortune by classifying your monthly secret numbers into eight types that represent the behavior and gestures of cats.

* Monthly secret number is a unique fortune-telling technique for cats, which is a variation of numerology.

What is your cat type?

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1st place Maru cat

Fortune-telling 2021 Cat-sama Fortune-telling Week Fortune Fortune Good luck Love luck

Pin the tailLet’s raise it. The posture is naturally beautifully arranged, and there is elegance and elegance. “Not only cute,Very beautifulWhat is it? “Idle attributeIt’s a tall Maru cat, but if you spend this week as an adult, you’ll succeed in making a makeover, and you’ll have a secret problem.Treated as a kittenYou should be able to graduate from.

Love includes ups and downs.lightChoi ChoiThe claws that stretched out were caught and the whole body was takenSweet biteIs too strong to make you angry or get into a sweet mood. The trick to avoiding it is not to put it in parentheses. GO naturally!

Good luck advice ……… Stop keeping. For better results, leave it to Nariyuki.
Lucky point …… Water at room temperature

2nd place Fuseneko

The more you do, the more you will feel. You will be filled with positive energy, such as being recognized for your hard work and becoming more and more motivated. Off, tooChoi ChoiIs promoted to great games and sports,Keyboard jackYou will be able to create famous sentences, and your hobbies and play will lead to real profits. The key to success is to work on everything seriously.

Love has a long pool.Playable toysLet’s set it patiently so that it will be messed up. Even if the reaction is not goodThe buttocks are sowa sowaIt seems that we are waiting for the timing to jump out. The determination to wait until it comes will turn love into a real thing.

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Good luck advice ……… Massage your ears. It feels good and I can listen to people’s words honestly.
Lucky point …… Fountain pen

3rd place Nobineko

Higher degree of freedom.WhimsicalSo you can get lucky. Rather than deciding everything and proceeding, value the mood and glue at that time. What you have done somehow, and what you have chosen for yourself, should show unexpected enjoyment and expanse. Also, plenty of rest.Fumi FumiYou can comfortably arrange your futonA place where a nice breeze entersTake a nap and be in good physical condition!

Love is a rush mode. I couldn’t help but intend to make an enthusiastic attack, but there is a risk that it will roll together with too much momentum, be surprised and avoided, and become a black history or a funny story.No run-up, on the spotGottsuFeels good.

Good luck advice ……… Convenience store patrol as a daily routine. You will get a good stimulus.
Lucky point …… Iron

4th place Tail-rolled cat

The influence is increasing.In particular, by becoming a habit, “discipline” will be successful...The habit of cats who always want to do the same thing at the same timeIs recognized and the routine is respected. The people around you will learn your patterns and tastes. It is also recommended to create a store that you can go to with “the usual guy”. Aim for regular slots.

Let’s increase the variation of love. You can increase your excitement by devising the content and course to talk about on a regular date or on a regular date. Share a small adventure, such as turning a different corner than usual. If you’re aiming for something new, younger cats.

Good luck advice ……… DIY is the correct answer. If not, make it! Also in view.
Lucky point …… Body brush

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5th place Horizontal sitting cat

The best happiness for cats isYou can do anything, you don’t have to do anythingThat’s right. In that sense, this week’s happiness is low. I have to do it, I have to go, I have to make it in time!soHair stands uprightI feel like that. At least at the end of the day, turn it off completely.Long autumn nightGroomingIncrease resilience power and survive in time!

For love, it is important to make an effort to get it understood. Talk to your loved ones about what you’re doing right now, what you can do, what’s difficult, and what you’d be happy to do. By giving an explanation, your understanding will increase and you will have a good relationship.

Good luck advice ……… Autumn of reading is the current mood. Read on little by little every day.
Lucky point …… Hot milk

6th place sitting cat

Liquefactionmode. It changes into an easy shape, and it’s hard to tell that it’s a cat. “Too free“I envy you,” but it’s actually not that comfortable. There are small complaints such as the floor is uneven, the buttocks are hot with direct sunlight, and so on. Let’s eliminate “it’s okay because it’s troublesome”. I can’t fool myself!

The calculation of love is crazy. You can meet if you come. I’ll go if you’re crazy.Even if you think you’re hiding it well, the other person is yoursReading the tailwant to see. Let’s do the opposite of what we really mean, such as going to see you or going a little crazy.

Good luck advice ……… When you wake up in the morning, grow a lot. Lighter footwork.
Lucky point …… Individually wrapped snack

7th place Catloaf sitting

The limits of outside catsI feel like. If you show up, you will be welcomed, but you will not be able to enter the house. Maybe you’ll be hurt and depressed by the invisible boundaries? But that’s a misunderstanding. The relationship is the best, but if you ask for more than that, you will just get dissatisfied with each other. Isn’t there a place or person that really suits you?

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To the term of reviewing love.in generalThe cat’s love is secretHowever, if there are circumstances in which you cannot open your relationship, you may consider liquidation. Let’s cherish the relationship that is blessed by the mild autumn sunshine.

Good luck advice ……… Don’t try to do it well. Even if it ends here, it’s all right.
Lucky point …… Hand cream

This week’s bottom, sorry cat is here …

Wash your face and do your best!
8th place Father sitting cat

A little happiness seems to get in the way.I can’t help but envy you who are always in a good moodStealing NyankoWill appear, or a curious person will reveal a secret place. Look for other fun and spots, thinking it’s a good time, rather than trying to protect yourself. Once you give it up, you’ll have a chance to get it back later!

Love is approaching for the first time. I want you to say I like it. It’s not bad to have a childish bargain, butI lick my faceSeems to be early. Let’s be thrilled with the boldness that goes beyond the expectations of the other party!

Good luck advice ……… Plenty of lunch, slowly. Good luck in the afternoon.
Lucky point …… Card case

Stay tuned for next week!

Ayano Akizuki
Fortune-telling researcher and psychological test creator. Served as a judge for the An An Neko-sama Grand Prix. Three black cats are the basis of my life.

Inuyo Hiro
Manga artist / illustrator. I like animals that live with dogs, cats, birds and fish.

Official HP https://www.hiroinu.com/

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