Catalonia is not the problem of Susana Díaz


After the most painful victory of her political career, Susana Díaz outlined a brief reflection: "I was wrong, Catalonia is the fault of my failure". The message, apparently astonished, contained an underground critique of his companion, enemy and president of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, a supporter of dialogue with independence. On this theme, Díaz belongs to the old socialist school, which is not very friendly in reproaching the constitution and defending the principle of equality between territories, but in its indentation of votes it punishes the punishment for not explaining well or simply belonging to the same party of Sanchez.

The Andalusian PSOE, which has promised to undergo a period of reflection that will under no circumstances pass through the resignation of the current management team, currently has no connection with the PSC which has, for example, the former President Manuel Chaves, promoter of his time, alongside Pasqual Maragall, of a strategic axis Catalonia-Andalusia. The official mission was "to become a point of reference in Spain for diversity". Both then agreed on the idea that each community received resources from the state on the basis of its population, although Maragall already aspired (paradoxically) to slip gradually into the tax regime of the Basque Country and Navarre.

The axis, formulated in 1999, remained in void, but there would still be another point of union, this time more hissed. The Statute designed for the first tripartite (2006) and appealed to the Constitutional Court for the PP would inspire entire passages of the statutory reform materialized in Andalusia in 2007. This last one, curiously, has not been subjected to any kind of control by of Madrid. Those days were the slogan of a north-south agreement that Diaz did not have with Miquel Iceta. The Catalonia that the president of the board imagines has more to do with that of the former president of FECAC Francisco García Prieto than with that of Maragall, the current PSC or any of the leaders who follow him.

The costs of corruption and nepotism

In any case, the Andalusian PSOE simplifies the issue. There were no 14 places left for ignoring or underestimating the Catalan question, losing them from a series of circumstances where words like corruption, fatigue, incompetence, nepotism, negligence, mediocrity is paralysis. The PP also suffered, although in one case the punishment of the electorate was the abstention and in the other the transfer to the ultradical of Vox. Could he have softened Diaz the scourge that hoisted the Spanish flag? It could, but it would have been a fantastic pirouette, since his last marketing maneuvers went exactly the opposite: Andalusia as the beginning and end of all things, in the line of nationalism soft of the coalition of the Canaries or of the extinct Andalusian party, absent for the first time in the autonomous elections.

Díaz's problem is that he ran out of the roll. His enthusiasm was in Moncloa and his consolation in Seville. In the end he loses two places and the proverb is fine: anyone who squeezes the little ones tightens.


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