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CATANIA – Carmelo Mignosa, the head of cardiac surgery of the Policlinico di Catania, was arrested on charges of corruption and disruption of the auction. To carry out the precautionary measure of house arrest, requested by the prosecutor Fabio Regolo at the end of an investigation coordinated by the prosecutor Carmelo Zuccaro, was the financial police.

Catania, primary receives bribe

The news was published this morning by the newspaper La Sicilia. The investigation concerns the tender for the supply of ‘specialist material for cardiac surgery’ announced on March 25 by the Policlinico G. Rodolico-San Marco University hospital in Catania.

Together with Mignosa, Valerio Fabiano, legal representative of a medical products company in the Catania area, was arrested. The arrests were triggered after investigators documented the passage of an envelope containing cash between the entrepreneur and the chief physician during a meeting in the entrepreneur’s office. Fabiano, “using special precautions and caution, had left an envelope containing cash which was soon placed by the healthcare manager in his backpack”, says the Gdf.

In light of this, the soldiers of the Fiamme Gialle carried out searches in the Polyclinic and in the home of the primary, finding 2,000 euros in the envelope that had been placed in the backpack and another 21,400 in the primary’s apartment. The suspects during the interrogations confessed and provided further confirmation to what had emerged from the investigations also in relation to the involvement of other entrepreneurs. The sum of money – in all 23,400 euros – was seized and the investigating judge of Catania validated the arrests.

The 61-year-old heart surgeon is of Syracusan origins. The tender had 17 million as an auction base plus an “option of annual technical extension and possible use of the fifth obligation” for a total estimated value of approximately 30 million. On 8 August, the procedures for opening the envelopes were concluded with the economic offers of the 122 “unique and inseparable lots, to be carried out on an IT platform”. The day after the soldiers of the yellow flames carried out the order of the investigating judge.

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Among the anomalies emerged the circumstance that the technical specifications had not been signed by Mignosa, as is always the case, but by his vicar Rocco Miduri, who is also being investigated. The arrested director, on the other hand, was on the technical competition commission. No other component is currently registered in the register of suspects. The financial police in recent days has acquired additional documents at the Polyclinic. Attention is focused mainly on two of the participating companies. For Mignosa, as a result of a resolution of the general manager of the Policlinico-San Marco Gaetano Sirna company, the “precautionary suspension from service, with deprivation of salary” took place yesterday.

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