Japan fears virus outbreak

ASIA The archipelago having so far been spared by the coronavirus, the Japanese authorities are postponing the containment measures. Shimura Ken had entertained the Japanese for decades. This actor, a key figure on television sets, was, yesterday morning, the first famous personality cut down by the coronavirus in Japan. His disappearance saddened and worried a … Read more

Ellie Lust on coronal song: ‘Negativity does not match intentions’ | NOW

Remy Bonjasky, Kenny B and Ellie Lust gave on the television program on Monday Jinek a preview of the song in which a hundred well-known Dutch people participated and which should provide support during the corona crisis. The song received a lot of attention online last weekend: many people believed that the BNs who contributed … Read more

3sk was revealed .. the daughter of the Ambassador series episode 15 and the frequency of the Turkish Star TV channel 2020

The series of his son, the ambassador, episode 15, the search is increasing day after day for the series of his son, the ambassador, who has become the talk of the hour for all the followers of the Turkish drama, where the series of his son, the ambassador, presents many dramatic events episode after another, … Read more

the blow of his daughter!

It is because she received far too many messages concerning a supposed Instagram account of her dad, Renaud, that Lola Séchan came out of silence on March 29 by publishing a series of well-felt stories. While she admits that confinement makes her want to express herself and defend herself, she has settled her accounts with … Read more

Lucifer season 5: When will the very first sex scene between Lucifer and Chloe take place?

Season 5 of Lucifer is particularly awaited by all fans of the series. Moreover, Lesley-Ann Brandt has dropped a clue regarding the date of broadcast of the first part of season 5 of Lucifer on Netflix … This should be in May or June. While the titles of the episodes have been revealed, fans have … Read more

John Prine: singer-songwriter ill with Covid-19 symptoms, family says | Music

The country musician John Prine has been hospitalised and is in now in a stable condition after experiencing symptoms of coronavirus. A post to his official Twitter account said that Prine, 73, had been taken to the hospital on Thursday and intubated on Saturday. “This is hard news for us to share,” the post says. … Read more