Cats yawn when they see us for this curious reason

Cats have a number of typical behaviors, and who wouldn’t really like to know how to interpret them. Not being able to speak, in fact, these are their way of communicating. It is up to us to know their signals so as to respond accordingly. In this way we will be able to ensure that our wad is happy and feels loved and understood. One of the rather curious behaviors that the cat has towards us is when it starts to yawn. We are not talking about the classic yawn due to sleep. But when this is done at the very moment we enter the room. In fact, it will surprise us to know that cats yawn when they see us for this curious reason that we are about to explain. Discovering it will make us really happy.

How to recognize the various types of yawning

For humans and various types of animals it yawn it is commonly a sign that those who have done it are rather sleepy. In fact, experts tell us that opening your mouth to the point of yawning is probably helpful in letting in more oxygen. This gets to the brain making us a little more awake. The same goes for the cat. Yawning manages to awaken at least in part their senses making it more reactive. So, we will certainly see him yawn and stretch after or before a nap. In these cases it is irrefutably a sign of fatigue. Sometimes, however, the cat also yawns at times that seem to have nothing to do with sleep. For example, he just yawns when he sees us after a certain period of time when we were apart. It doesn’t have to be after a trip of several days, but also simply when we move from room to room. Fortunately, this does not mean that the cat is bored seeing us. Indeed, quite the opposite!

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Cats yawn when they see us for this curious reason

If our cat yawns and comes towards us it is not because of sleep. If he does it amidst the meows it is not because he wants to fall asleep. The same can be said of a cat that yawns by rubbing on our legs and walking close to our feet. In this case, the reason behind this gesture is quite another. Our cat, in fact, is telling us that together with us he feels safe and is looking for attention. He wants us to feed him, play together, or cuddle up a little. In short, our kitten just wants to spend time with us. The yawn, in fact, in this case is to keep awake to be able to enjoy our company.


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