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Hoogeveen – Despite the lack of freedom, conviviality and spontaneity, residents in the Northern Netherlands are careful this summer when making their holiday plans. Only 14% of people in the Northern Netherlands will go on holiday abroad this summer, which is normally 60%. Only 1% opts for the aircraft.

When the Northern Netherlands is faced with the expected second corona wave, 84% support new lockdown measures. This is evident from research by the UMCG and the University of Groningen, executed in the second and third week of July.

Plan vacation

70% of Northerners have changed their vacation plans because of the corona crisis. Of the more than 30,000 respondents, virtually no one travels outside the EU or to countries with code orange. Prof. Lude Franke, researcher at the UMCG, explains: “I notice that the people of the Northern Netherlands are cautious and that a majority of people prefer to keep their distance, even apart from the corona crisis. This suggests that the mindset in the North contributes to compliance with government advice. ”

Regionale lockdown

In line with this week’s RIVM figures, 78% of residents in the Northern Netherlands expect the pandemic to last longer than this year. 67% expect a second corona wave. Should this come, 89% would prefer a lockdown, with many advocating a regional lockdown and other policies for the elderly and vulnerable. In a second wave, 93% agree to avoid bars, restaurants, festivals and football matches. The least popular measure appears to be home education, especially among families with young children. The motivation to keep the virus under control can also be seen in the willingness to vaccinate: only 7% indicate that they do not want to be vaccinated. Stock Photo – Stock Photo – Stock Photos

Long-term research in the Northern Netherlands

The Lifelines Corona research is a joint initiative of the UMCG, the University of Groningen, the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health and Lifelines. It is made possible in part by the University of the North, supported by the Ubbo Emmius Fund and NDC Media. People can contribute financially to this and more important corona research through the Crowdfunding action against Corona. Source: UMCG

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