Caveman Ninja are back they are a great remake


By: Nicolas Vasquez | 14-10-21

Microids has just announced a remake of one of the most classic SNES games, we talk about the beloved Joe and Mac: Caveman Ninja. This remake will be in charge of the studio Mr. Nutz Studio, which took over the Toki remake.

The popular caveman couple will come back to life with a renewed graphic section that left many with their mouths open when they saw the first images.

In addition, another of the greatest novelties of this remake is that it will include completely new levels, without neglecting the originals. It will also have new features and dynamics that are yet to be revealed.

Joe and Mac: Caveman Ninja

Once again we will have to go back to prehistory together with these beloved characters whose mission will be to save the women of their tribe within each of the levels. The remake of Joe and Mac: Caveman Ninja It will arrive sometime in 2022 and is expected to be available for consoles and PC.

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