Cavendish has broken ribs and torn lungs after falling on a track in Ghent

Former successful tracker Cavendish crashed at the beginning of the doubles scoring race. The winner of the 34 stages of the Tour de France ran into the Olympic champion and reigning Madison World Champion Dan Lasse Norman Hansen, who was sent to the ground by another driver’s evasive maneuver. According to Belgian racer Jasper De Buyst, a wet spot on the track could be a problem for the drivers.

“It’s stupid that it happened. A lap earlier I noticed that there was water, so I went there more slowly. In the next lap it went to hell,” said the domestic cyclist.

Cavendish, who has suffered from protracted health problems in recent years, has had a successful season this year. He won ten victories in it, including four triumphs on the Tour. He has already won 34 stages at the famous race, setting the record for Belgian legend Eddy Merckx.


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