Cayetano, successfully operated on for a severe wrist fracture and "very displaced": six weeks of splint

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Cayetano Rivera has undergone surgery in Santander for the fracture dislocation of the right wrist that occurred last Sunday in Socuéllamos and which, in the end, has been assessed as more serious than it initially seemed, according to the clinic’s optional report of Dr. Piñal and associates.

As revealed by the imaging tests on Monday, August 7, “the severity of the injury is confirmed, which includes avulsion of the entire volar rim of the radius with the ligaments and a fragment of the radial styloid.” The X-rays that he provided from day 6 already showed the displacement of the fracture.

The same day [7 de agosto] under loco-regional anesthesia and sedation (Dr. Pérez/Dr. Buitrago) the dislocation is reduced by a volar approach. A DVR-type plate with temporary fixation with Kirschner wires is installed and arthroscopically reduces the articular fragments of the scaphoid and lunate fossa. The volar fragment containing the short radiolunate ligament is sutured with an arthroscopic stitch to the plate. The incision is closed by planes,” according to the medical report.

The perspective is six weeks of immobilization with a splint, “with the idea of ​​starting rehabilitation then.”

Diego Urdiales will take one of the first substitutions that Cayetano Rivera leaves next Friday, August 11 in El Puerto de Santa María.

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