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[Epoch Times September 06, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia comprehensive report) Recently, a number of departments of the Chinese Communist Party have joined forces to clean up the entertainment industry, not only publicly listing the “list of bad actors”, but also issuing a series of rectification orders. One is “prohibition of bad actors from relocating their positions and coming back.”Interpreted by the outside world, once again officially listed as “bad artists”Fan Bingbing, The road to comeback may be completely cut off.

Was involved in the tax turmoil three years agoFan BingbingShe was fined more than 880 million yuan by the Chinese Communist Party. Even if she came back to filming, she was still not “thawed”, and her film and television works were not approved. However, her exposure rate in the first half of this year was quite good. , Opened a company to sell facial masks and kept her position in the fashion industry.

However, the recent turmoil in the entertainment industry, after the CCP has dealt heavy blows to the technology giants and the auxiliary education industry, it will soon turn its target to the entertainment industry. Within a few days, Canadian Chinese star Wu Yifan was arrested.Zhao WeiThe artist Zhang Zhehan was completely banned due to the Japanese shrine photo turmoil. The singer Huo Zun announced his withdrawal from the showbiz. Zheng Shuang was charged with taxes and late fees and fined 299 million yuan.

Not only “traffic stars” have been blocked one after another, first-line starsZhao WeiOn the evening of August 26, he was suddenly “excluded” and removed from the video and audio platform. His Weibo Super Talk was shut down, and the whole person suddenly disappeared overnight, shocking all walks of life.

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The Chinese Communist Party media “People’s Daily” warned in a commentary article on August 27: “Once you touch the red line of law and morality, the road to performing arts will come to the’finish line’.” Although the article did not name Zhao Wei, netizens believed that Zhao Wei’s ” The charge” is probably no less than Fan Bingbing.

What is unusual is that this time the CCP’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Office of Cyberspace Affairs, the Bureau of Radio, Film and Television, and the party media have issued a large number of entertainment circles warning “stars not to touch the moral and legal red lines.” The Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China recently issued the “Notice on Carrying out Comprehensive Management Work in the Cultural and Entertainment Fields”, one of which is: “Increase penalties for illegal and unethical artists, prohibit bad actors from relocating their positions, and standardize celebrity advertising endorsements. “

According to the outside world, “it is forbidden for inferior artists to transfer their positions and come back”, I am afraid that the first to cut to Fan Bingbing, not only completely blocked her future acting career, but even the road to survival is in crisis.

Fan Bingbing has been testing the water temperature for his comeback filming in recent years, but he has not seen a big improvement. She appeared in beauty, charity and fashion events from time to time. The beauty brand “Fan Beauty Secret” that she founded earlier started operating independently in July this year and opened a new official website. The company’s business includes cosmetics, daily necessities, and clothing sales. , And acting brokers, etc.

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On July 29, a video posted by Fan Bingbing on Weibo showed that Fan Bingbing personally went to the production plant to develop and manufacture each product under his meticulous attitude to strictly control the details from top to bottom. , And added a essay to the video: “Life is sea and sea, we set sail again.” It seems that because the comeback filming failed, so I decided to start again with a personal brand.

Unexpectedly, within a month, the CCP once again attacked the entertainment industry, and its “power” was getting stronger and stronger.

A “Notice on Checking and Cleaning up the Programs and Contents of Inferior Artists” exposed on the Internet showed that the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television of the Communist Party of China notified many departments and units of “inferior artists” and requested investigation and clearance. The list except for the newly banned Huo Zun, Wu Yifan, and Wu Yifan. Zheng Shuang and Zhao Wei, including Fan Bingbing who “offended” three years ago.

You know, on February 5 this year, the Chinese Communist Party officially issued the “Management Measures for the Self-discipline of Performers in the Performance Industry”. Many readers interpreted this “Management Measures” as a “procedure for the punishment and return of violating artists.” Because the document states that “bad artists” will implement different levels of boycotts based on the severity of the violation of the practice norms and the degree of harm, respectively. It also stipulates that “bad artists” can be boycotted 3 years before the expiration of the boycott period. The application can be submitted within a month, and the performance can be continued after approval.

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Fan Bingbing’s fans were very excited at the time and left a message saying: “I look forward to Bingbing’s comeback to film.”

I don’t know if it was a foreboding that the CCP would come back, so Fan Bingbing had already reluctantly expressed his heartfelt voice in Chinese in the trailer of the Hollywood movie “355”: “Don’t shoot!”

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