CD Projekt exempted from class action lawsuit against Valve


The companies that are part of the CD Projekt group have been excluded from the class action lawsuit over market violations by Valve, the owner of the Steam platform, according to a press release from CD Projekt.

Company reportedthat according to the petition filed by the plaintiff on April 8, the claims against CD Projekt and CD Projekt Inc. were withdrawn from the statement of claim, and thus the companies were excluded from the ongoing litigation.

In January, CD Projekt announced that it had received a class action notice filed in the United States, in which plaintiffs are trying to find out if the terms of Steam’s “Distribution Agreement” violate US competition law.

The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court for the Central California District by five individuals who purchase games through Valve’s Steam platform. The Defendants are Valve and other game developers and publishers, including CD Projekt and its subsidiary CD Projekt Inc.

Valve’s allegations concern abuse of market power by requiring game developers to include a “most-favored-nation” clause in their distribution agreements. Under the terms of this clause, Valve partners undertake to Valve that the prices for games on Steam will be the same as on other sites. According to the lawsuit, the use of this clause will lead to market disruptions due to the fact that other sites will not be able to compete with Steam on price.

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