CDMX Climate: Yellow alert in six ALCALDAS due to LOW temperatures

The Mexico city It has been in low temperatures for several days and the trend will continue this Monday, November 23, as it will have a series of very complicated climates.

The Secretariat of Integral Management and Civil Protection reported that six mayors of the Mexico city they will present a significant drop in temperature and therefore have been placed on yellow alert.

The yellow alert indicates that the population living in that area should exercise extreme caution due to the low temperatures that will occur during the following hours.

What mayors will they be?

The mayors that have been designated so that there is a greater protection by the population are: lvaro Obregn, Cuajimalpa, Magdalena Contreras, Milpa Alta, Tlalpan and Xochimilco.

The publication noted that lower temperatures will arrive between 05:00 and 08:00 hours, so you must be very careful if you go out in the early hours of this Monday.

Among the recommendations to follow, you should drink a lot of liquids, mainly natural water, and you should avoid sudden changes in temperature in the event of possible illnesses.


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