CdS – Handa wobbles: Inter could anticipate Onana’s arrival in January

The Nerazzurri club already has an agreement with Ajax’s Cameroonian goalkeeper, who does not think about reinstating him in the squad without renewal

Samir’s grossly insufficient evidence Handanovic against Atalanta did nothing but increase the questions of the Inter management about the reliability of the expert Slovenian goalkeeper. Reflections already started in recent months that have prompted the Milanese club to look around: the research has produced an agreement with André Onana, a Cameroonian goalkeeper that Ajax does not seem willing to return to the team without a contract renewal. And then, suggests the Corriere dello Sport, pay attention to what could happen in the next few weeks: Inter, in fact, he still has a place as a free non-EU citizen and it would not be a surprise if he tried to anticipate its purchase as early as January.

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