Entertainment Cecilia Romo coronavirus has 48 hours to wake up

Cecilia Romo coronavirus has 48 hours to wake up

  • Actress Cecilia Romo defeats the coronavirus and fights for its recovery
  • The next 48 hours are crucial for her and her family
  • Caludia Romo Edelmen asks to join in prayer to wake up from the coma

After suffering from coronavirus, the first actress Cecilia Romo has already tested negative for Covid-19 and her daughter Caludia Romo Edelman reveals in the Venga la Alegría program that now they only expect her to wake up, so the next few hours will be crucial for her and her family.

It was in early April that it was published in this medium that the soap opera actress had to be admitted after presenting problems related to the coronavirus.

Since then she received care to improve her health, however, 10 days ago she had to be transferred to the intensive care area because it worsened, according to the Infobae portal. Even two weeks ago, her daughter published on Instagram that her mother had entered that area.

But now her daughter, through an interview revealed that her mother has 48 hours to wake up, so she said that it is only a short time after overcoming the coronavirus.

“Good morning Flor Rubio from the Venga la Alegría program, thank you very much for the opportunity to give you an update on the state of health of my mother, the first actress Cecilia Romo.”

Then he began to explain about the coronavirus: “My mom has been at the Médica Sur hospital for Covid-19 today for a month and a week. I have the good news to tell you that yesterday they gave us the proof that it is no longer Covid, it is Covid negative, managed to beat the covid ”.

But then he pointed out that something very crucial is missing: “Now all he has to do is overcome the consequences that caused so much damage to his lungs and other organs during this pandemic.”

And he added: “He is now trying to wake up from the induced coma that they gave him with so many sedatives and today they are going to remove the tube and they are going to do a tracheostomy so that his lungs can breathe now without that invasion of the ventilator.”

Almost at the end, he asked people to join in wishing the good health of the actress who has already overcome the coronavirus: “So I am here to ask people, the public, people who know my mom, her friends , his actors, the audience, join in prayer to say ‘wake up Ceci Romo, God bless you, wake you up strong, here we are waiting for you.’ ”

“Join with us, with the family and with the friends of Ceci Romo to ask that I manage to cross this last point to really enter the final line of progress, thank you very much for the opportunity and for the unity in prayer for Ceci Romo”, Claudia Romo Edelman pleaded.

In another interview for Sale el Sol, Cecilia Romo’s daughter said that she has already planned what to do as soon as the coronavirus quarantine ends.

“I am very clear, we are going to go to Cabo San Lucas, to sit on a terrace to see the sea of ​​the land where we were born, to be sitting enjoying the possibility of being alive, to see photos …”.

And he added: “Mom, of the 16 days she was in the Covid section, but without being in intensive care, she told me a number of projects that she wants to do, she wants to organize all the photos she has with her friends, she wants to putting together albums. “


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