Cecilio Morales scorer of goal number 400 for Movistar Inter FS in the UEFA Champions League – Inter Movistar

January 18, 2021

Cecilio at the celebration of the 400 goal for Movistar Inter FS in the European competition | Helen Boto – Movistar Inter FS

The Madrid team is the first to achieve this goalscoring figure in the history of the UEFA Champions League. Cecilio’s target against Hovocubo in his team’s victory by 6 goals to 2, placed the number 400 of Movistar Inter FS in this competition. In addition, it was the fifth goal of the game and a fundamental goal to inject the necessary calm to the Torrejon team, at a time when the Dutch were pressing the interior goal.

The first international commitment for the new Toledo project fulfilled the objectives proposed by the technician for this important meeting. The team led by Tino Pérez beat Hovocubo, sealed their pass to the next round, and also consolidated as the team with the most goals in UEFA history. Since the creation of the Futsal Champions League in the 2001-2002 season, Movistar Inter has been one of the great dominators of the competition to this day. In addition to being the highest-scoring team, it is the team that holds the most trophies and already sports five European cups in their showcases.

Eric Martel’s goal that opened the can and the goals of the three Brazilians Fernando, Bruno and Pito made a total of 399 goals in UEFA. Finally, Cecilio rounded off the impressive figure and marked one of the great milestones of the competition in a strategy goal after a corner kick. Later, subtracting two for the referee to signal the end of the match, the second captain of Movistar Inter FS, Borja, scored the 401 that completed the result and began his journey towards 500 goals in international competition. Movistar Inter FS is already waiting for its next rival for the ‘Round 16’ to try to increase this scoring figure and continue fighting to lift its sixth UEFA Futsal Champions League Cup.

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