Celebrating in Panama they scream against the Spanish metropolis

10 November 2018, 06:06Panama, November 10 (Prensa Latina) The patriotic celebrations in Panama continue today with the celebration of the first successful action for the freedom of the Spanish colony, in the Villa de Los Santos.

The first independentist cry occurred 197 years ago in that central territory of the country and in its commemoration was announced the presence of President Juan Carlos Varela and members of his Cabinet, as happened in previous ceremonies due to the separation of Colombia.

A program of patriotic and cultural contents includes tributes to legendary figures such as Rufina Alfaro, revered as an image of revolt against the colonizers, although historically its existence is not documented.

However, in the village there is a bust that immortalizes it and some texts that confirm its existence, describe it as a young woman with ties with the Spanish soldiers, whose barracks visited, which allowed to inform the conspirators about the reduction that would have suffered garrison on the occasion of the invasion perpetrated in the lands of present-day Ecuador.

This situation allowed to take the place and to keep the few guards without bloodshed, because the surprise was the ally of the patriots.

Entering the Liberator Simón Bolívar of this first act of emancipation of Panama, he called the Villa de Los Santos the "heroic city", hence the name of "The heroic village of Los Santos" which is also known as the historic place.

This fact has practically demoralized the Crown, because similar revolts have occurred almost everywhere in the Isthmian geography: Parita, Las Tablas, Penonomé, Ocú, Natas de los Caballeros, San Francisco de Veraguas and Alanje, in Chiriqui.

According to historians, the Cry of Independence was decisive for achieving the total emancipation of Spain, which was consolidated a few days later, on November 28, 1821, the last celebration of the Month of the Fatherland, whose deeds are enlisted.

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