“Celebrities under the palm trees”: Show ends after episode 3 – the sad reason

“Celebrities under the palm trees”: Show ends after episode 3 – that’s the sad reason

on April 15, 2020 at 7:58 p.m.

Celebs under palm trees: how can things go on without Désirée Nick?

Celebs under palm trees: how can things go on without Désirée Nick?

Photo: Sat.1

Celebs under palm trees“Is THE TV surprise of the year. Who would have expected it when Sat.1 presented its new show a few weeks ago, few knew what to do with it. Sure, the cast sounded more than promising. But he also did that at “Fort Boyard”.

Well, let’s leave the old camels alone. Nobody, but really nobody, could have expected how great, funny, bizarre and distracting this show would be. In times of corona, buying hamsters and fear of the future, “Celebs under palm trees“Wednesday opium for the troubled people’s soul. Sat.1 really couldn’t have found a better time for the broadcast.

“Celebrities under palm trees”: After Show 3 the big disappointment

Too bad that the big show, the biting argument between Claudia Obert and Désirée Nick, already comes to an end after episode 3. It was a feast to watch the two ladies breed. The theater actress against the luxury fashion seller. Both eloquent. One bad, the other drunk. “Like in the cinema”, Ronald Schill, the professively sex addicted sexist (the praise for this description goes to the saddle pad writer of Sat.1), called the drama between the two.

And yes, at a time when almost all cinemas are closed, the argument was more exciting than the new Bond film. Now, however, had to Désirée Nick leave the Thai trash theater after Act Three. The last curtain has fallen. The Nick Obert show ended.


These stars join ‘Celebrities under the Palms’:

  • Ronald Schill
  • Désirée Nick (resigned)
  • Bastian Yotta
  • Claudia Obert
  • Janine Pink
  • Carina Spack
  • Ennesto Monte (resigned)
  • Eva Benetatou (resigned)
  • Tobias Wegener
  • Matthias Mangiapane


Bastian Yotta bowles Désirée Nick from the show

Bastian Yotta of all places cut off the Hydra’s head. A man whose body looks like that of Hercules, but who stumbles into the medical tent with tears in his eyes with the slightest scratch on his knee. It is undignified, said Désirée Nick and made no secret of it.

It was Yotta of all people who was allowed to refer the nick of the show and save her badly tired lap dog, known to die-hard connoisseurs as Matthias Mangiapane.


This is Désirée Nick:

  • Her native name is Désirée Amneris Saskia Pamela Aida Nick
  • She was born on September 30, 1956 in Berlin
  • The 63-year-old author, actress, dancer and singer
  • As an entertainer and reality TV actress, she appeared on “Celebrities under the Palms”
  • In 2004 she took part in the jungle camp
  • In 2020 she became a participant in “Celebrities under the Palms”
  • You can see the repetitions of her performances on ‘joyn’


Désirée Nick will be missing

Yottas Egoshow was the worst possible decision for “celebrities under palm trees”. Désirée Nick’s acrid joke will be painfully absent. We can only hope that others feel called to take on the role of Désirée Nick.


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On Wednesday, Sat.1 shows the first episode “Celebrities under Palms” after Désirée Nick. Then it will be seen whether someone can take the actress’s place and who has to go next.

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“Celebrities under the palm trees” runs on Wednesdays at 8:15 p.m. on Sat.1. You can also watch entire episodes at Joyn.


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