Celebrity Breakups, Abuse, and the Role of Scientology

Tom Cruise is one of the great figures of Hollywood and many times, despite the classics he starred in, from Top Gun a Mission Impossible; dealing with colleagues and partners has not left good impressions.

For example, several actors and actresses pointed out that working with Tom Cruise has been lousy. According Thandie Newton, His partner in Mission Impossible 2, share cast “it was a real nightmare” That left her “traumatized.”

In that sense, Newton said he was “scared” of Tom Cruise. And I add: “He’s a very domineering individual. He tries hard to be a good person, but under pressure he takes on a lot of responsibility. He has the feeling that he can do it allNewton added.

“Top Gun”. A key film in the history of Tom Cruise with Kelly McGillis. Photo / Archive

Tom Cruise’s love life and his marriage to celebrities

The 59-year-old actor was portrayed in a biography written by Andrew Morton called, “An Unauthorized Biography”, where the author set out to reveal the dark side of the star.

In the biography Morton studied in depth the relations of Cruise with Mimi Rogers, his first wife between 1987 and 1990, who, after the divorce, assured that his ex was gay.

Morton also referred to Nicole Kidman, with whom Tom Cruise She adopted two children after several vain attempts to get pregnant. Another couple of the actor was Penelope Cruz, which lasted a very short time, and finally, Katie Holmes, with whom she conceived her biological daughter, Suri.

Scene of

Scene from “Days of Thunder” with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Couples in the film and in real life. Photo / file

During the investigation of the book, Morton worked with Paul Baressi, a private detective, who began following Cruise since his marriage to Nicole Kidman ended.

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After several investigations, the detective could not find anything and assured that Cruise is heterosexual.

In 2005 the actor of Top Gun started a relationship with Katie Holmes, with whom, a year later, despite rumors about Cruise’s sterility, he had Suri, the couple’s first daughter.

The press had to wait four months for the family to appear on the cover of the magazine Vanity Fair. Morton, in the biography about Tom Cruise, casts a cloak of doubt not only about Cruise’s paternity but also about the place and day that Suri was born. All in very murky circumstances, according to Morton. Since, according to the author, there was Scientology operating.

According to some media like E! Online, Katie Holmes He had a very bad time when he learned these accusations about the birth of his daughter.

Tom Cruise with Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise they were together between 1990 and 2001. In 1993 they adopted Isabella. Two years later they adopted Connor and, although there were signs of being a perfect match, in 2000 they announced their separation, before Kidman suffered an abortion of which, until recently, he did not want to speak, arguing that it had been a very traumatic episode.

After the breakup with Nicole, Tom Cruise had a fleeting romance, since 2001, with Penelope Cruz. According to Morton’s biography, this relationship was a bargain between the two: Penelope needed to consolidate her career in Hollywood and Tom a new image without Nicole Kidman.

Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise in 2004. A couple that lasted a very short time.  Photo / file

Penelope Cruz and Tom Cruise in 2004. A couple that lasted a very short time. Photo / file

The shadow of Scientology in the life of Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise He achieved a prominent place in the Church of Scientology that determines almost every direction he takes in his life.

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According to Morton, the Hollywood star shares career options and also romantic aspects with this organization. From a deep deliberation with his referents he would define each of his decisions.

The pact would be, according to the biography, that the “Church”, founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, give him a privileged place in their organization.

Tom Cruise.  According to journalistic versions, Scientology intervened in his divorce from the actor with Nicole Kidman.

Tom Cruise. According to journalistic versions, Scientology intervened in his divorce from the actor with Nicole Kidman.

Cruise joined Scientology in 1990 Cruise, despite criticism about this religious organization that many refer to as a repressive sect. One of the virtues was that this link helped Cruise overcome dyslexia and self-esteem issues.

Tom Cruise’s mistreatment of his colleagues

A former scientologist, who worked with Tom Cruise, accused him of abuse after the actor was recorded in an audio in which he insulted to the film crew for alleged infractions of the protocol of the coronavirus.

Leah Remini said the audio of the Hollywood megastar, yelling at a couple of his crew members Mission Impossible 7 because they were less than six feet apart, it showed “the real Tom.”

If I see you do it again, you will fuck off. And if someone on this team does it, it’s over, and so are you and so are you. And you, don’t ever do it again, damn it, “Cruise shouted in the recording that the newspaper published Sun.

Remini, an actress and former member of the Church of Scientology, accused Cruise of being “an abusive person”.

Tom Cruise was accused of mistreatment by his colleagues.  Photo / AP

Tom Cruise was accused of mistreatment by his colleagues. Photo / AP

​​ In fact Remini provided more details of abuse in his book “Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology”. On USA The actress is known for her fight against Scientology having been one of its members for more than 30 years.

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In the pages of that text, Remini reveals some of the scariest episodes of Tom Cruise’s life as a Scientologist. Days before the launch of the book, its author spoke on television and aired several “hidden truths”.

The next day Katie Holmes, ex-wife of Tom Cruise, sent a statement apologizing to Leah: “I’m sorry if I bothered her in the past and I only wish her the best in the future. “

Leah Remini actress who accused Tom Cruise of abuse and mistreatment while filming

Leah Remini actress who accused Tom Cruise of abuse and mistreatment during the filming of “Mission Impossible 7”.

According to Rimini, the “psychotic anger” towards two workers for not following the rules of social distancing during the pandemic was the “same treatment he had with the staff at home when they didn’t have the right ingredients for him to make chocolate chip cookies “Remini wrote for the anti-scientific site, The Underground Bunker.

“This is the same kind of tirade that Tom pitched when an attendant had the audacity to pour him a drink from a chipped mug“, said.

Tom Cruise’s face in controversy

Tom Cruise.  Photo: AP Photo

Tom Cruise. Photo: AP Photo

The last public appearance of Tom Cruise gave room for all kinds of versions and comments, since it is almost unrecognizable.

The actor of Mission Impossible 7, which will be released on September 30, 2022, your face is much more swollen than normal, which is giving rise to speculation. Was it operated? Or did you get fat?

Still nothing was confirmed about his face. This could be a new contribution to his most mysterious side where everything, or almost, can take place.


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