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– I apologize to everyone if I have hurt anyone’s feelings in any way, says Ellen DeGeneres in a video conference where it became known that three leaders from her world-famous show have been fired.

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On Monday, it became known that three leaders in “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” have been fired after that former employees have come forward with stories and accusations against the program’s bosses and leaders.

According to BBC we are talking about the three producers Ed Glavin, Kevin Leman and Jonathan Norman.

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allegations included systematic racism, fear and threats, something several also claimed that the host herself, Ellen DeGeneres (62), had closed his eyes for far too many years.

In a video conference with her employees on Monday, where the 62-year-old announced the big news, she also made a longer, emotional apology to her colleagues.

VERY POPULAR: Ellen DeGeneres has led one of the world’s most popular talk shows since 2003. In recent months, she has been in bad weather.
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– I am a person with several teams, and I try to be the best person I can be. I’m trying to learn from my mistakes, said the talk show star, reproduced by People, before continuing:

– I have heard that some people felt that I have not been kind to them, too concise or too impatient. I apologize to everyone if I have hurt anyone’s feelings in any way.

According to People, DeGeneres must have been very emotional during the video conference, and expressed to her employees that she wants to be more available to them.

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– Nobody knows who I really am

Paris Hilton (39) has also been given her dose of tears to fans through the trailer for her upcoming documentary, “This is Paris”.

In the upcoming YouTube documentary, Hilton will reportedly take the fans behind the facade. In the trailer, she also hints at painful childhood traumas. According to Hilton, there have been several incidents in her life that no one knows about, and that she has not talked to anyone about either.

– I feel that the world thinks they know me, she says in the recent trailer before she continues:

– Nobody knows who I really am. I do not even know who I am sometimes. I used to not be like that before.

In the trailer, she does not go into more detail on what she is referring to. According to Paris Hilton, she has taken on a role throughout her career. She has become so used to this that she no longer knows who she is.

The documentary premieres on 14 September.

Ice front in the British royal house

However, Paris Hilton is not alone in keeping the cards close to her chest when it comes to privacy.

In the new biography “Finding Freedom”, which deals with the relationship between Duchess Meghan (39) and Prince Harry (35), a number of revelations have emerged about the sphere of the British royal family that many have been waiting for.

In particular, it has created speculation about the relationship between the brothers Prince Harry and Prince William (38), after the former and his wife, Duchess Meghan, chose to retire from his royal duties.

Click on the image to enlarge.  ICE FRONT: Prince Harry and Prince William are said to have not spoken to each other in two months after Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan resigned from their royal duties.

ICE FRONT: Prince Harry and Prince William are said to have not spoken to each other in two months after Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan resigned from their royal duties.
Photo: NTB Scanpix

In the new biography, the author can now reveal that there has actually been an ice front between the two brothers as fans have long believed. The two should not have talked together for more than two months after the announcement.

In an interview with True Royalty TV, reproduced by Independent, says the royal house expert and author of the book, Omid Scobie, that it all went wrong when the duke couple went out with the publication without consulting the other family members first.

– That was what hurt William the most, because he has two hats to wear, Scobie said.

– He’s not just a brother. He is also a future king, and he felt that it damaged the reputation of the family by putting the family plans out in public, when it should have been discussed privately. There was a lot of emotion in games, something it still is today, he continued.

Neither Duchess Meghan, Prince Harry nor Prince William have commented on the case. The book “Finding Freedom” is written from Scobie’s own perspective as a royal house expert. Meghan and Harry have not been involved in the content of the book.

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