Celebrity Social Media Round-Up for September 11, 2019


Lizzo and Cookie Monster, release the remix.

Kevin Hart's car accident management is an example of how the Streisand effect works. It has become a bigger story than it needs to be. There was nothing illegal in the driver (no drinks or drugs), but Kevin left the scene, which led to questions. Then it was the obfuscation. Not wanting people to know your medical problems is understandable, but trying to redirect with "is fine" when hospitalization indicates otherwise, it's just creating a story. He is leading to the exact titles he wants to avoid.

Apple TV has announced prices (in Canada, $ 5.99 / month) and will be free for one year with the purchase of selected Apple products. While prices are in line with a streaming service, it's still a question of content, which is based on its selection program, The Morning Show. Is it enough to make people register for yet another automatic payment?

Remember when Armie Hammer became super famous and was everywhere? He calmed down and it's a good strategy for him: a break. Because when he comes back to say something stupid on social media, we will have forgotten all the stupid things he said earlier.

It's a hard love, but with a play on words.

A blind head of the costume designer is buried in this piece of vulture, "The toughest costume I've ever designed" on a pinstriped suit. I have a guess, but I'm not 100% sure. Beyond this curiosity, it is an interesting reading of how much prestige the TV is affecting the costume designers because it is a higher standard, with much lower delivery times and payments that do not reflect the work required. Here is Mindy Kaling with her frequent collaborator, Salvador Perez, who is president of the Costume Designers Guild.


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