Celeste Cid’s firm decision about her artistic career

Celeste Cid He surprised his Instagram followers in the last hours by communicating a decision he made about his artistic career.

“Would you re-record a novel?”, they asked the actress from the classic Instagram questions.

And there Celeste surprised with his answer: “No. I was 12 years old when I did the first one … I have taken away a lot of learnings and very beautiful memories but it is a finished stage. I have been feeling the need to explore other languages ​​for several years.”

We will see if in the future Cid remain firm in your stance not to do any more novels or if you change your mind. His last job was in Separadas, Pol-Ka, in 2020, fiction that was interrupted by the pandemic.

It should be remembered that in mid-July of this year the actress went through the covid, which she confirmed with a deep post from her Instagram account.

“Thank you for your loving messages. I am fine, going through the 4th day of symptoms, at times better than others, but without losing my cool, understanding that this will pass – and that fear does not collaborate in anything, that is the part that -Sorry- I can contribute intimately to something that is quite ungovernable … Try to be as calm as possible … beyond moments of strangeness and restlessness “explained Cid.

“Unfortunately, beyond all the care that one has, he had … he maintained, it is something that can happen to the extent that we have to leave our homes in pursuit of our occupations and responsibilities”, deepened Celeste.

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“I sincerely hope that this happens … that the people who are going through it ugly can feel better soon, and that we continue to take care of ourselves. We get vaccinated, for ourselves and for others. We are online, as I wrote the other day … If there was any doubt about that, this pandemic finally proved it to our faces. “he asked.

And closed: “I like this phrase (I do not remember who it was) that I pasted in the photo, … it seems full of poetry but it has so much reality. We are responsible for taking care of ourselves and taking care of what surrounds us. I hope humanity as a species is more and more ‘human’, the individual is collective. I embrace us. Cel “.

-Celeste Cid-


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