Cell phones: high-end Android loses 50% of value in months

Los cell phones they are mainly purchased for the person’s daily use. However, with so much technology constantly being updated, many users tend to renew equipment in a matter of months and resell their old mobiles. For them, if they are Android, there is no good market.

A firm study SellCell points out that cell phones Android of the range can lose up to 50% of their value in a matter of months, a very different case from that of iPhone that only decay by 16% of its value.

Resale is not for Android

According to the study, the most affected model is the Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G, which loses up to 53.8% of its value only in the second month of use. He is followed by Pixel 6 Prowhich suffers from a 44.2% decrease in its price.

While the top continues with more units of the S22 and Pixel 6 series, in the case of iOS, the model with the most devaluation is the iPhone 13 Miniwhich can amount to 29.2% drop.

However, this is the most extreme case, since the iPhone 13 Pro it only declines by 12.9% in a span of two months, while the standard only drops by 6.1%.

The arguments are many, but the great catalog of models, equipment and lines in Android, In addition to its wide range of prices, it allows the user to prefer to buy a new equipment before a used one. On the iOS side, the annual renewal is very common among the most enthusiastic and its previous models can be better used by new users or by consumers who are several lines behind.

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