Cell phones Made in China

The Chinese industry has shown great signs of its immense intervention in the world of cell phones, not only with the companies that gain ground year after year and approach the most powerful ones, as well as being the largest manufacturer of parts for the assembly of mobile phones.

Cell phones and telephones are Chinese preferences when it comes to putting their factories to work, since the relationship is practically intimate between said Asian country and the mobile industry. Among the most outstanding badges we can mention the Xiaomi mobile brand, which has taken over the best versions of the mid-range that are presented throughout the world, year after year, gaining greater notoriety over time.

The great diversity of Chinese mobile phone brands means that, when looking for the ideal model, you come across cell phone offer everywhere, since they exist for all tastes and pockets. Today it has five strong firms that stand out in the market, such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and One Plus, with a sixth that has been making its way and that in times of pandemic landed in Peruvian lands, we are talking about Tecno Mobile.

Pointing out the leading brand in China, the Xiaomi cell phones They have been won on the basis of good presentations in the market that have achieved such great acceptance that, for example, in Spain it is the brand that currently sells the most mobile phones. The performance, the autonomy, the photography and mainly the price, are the four strongholds that put the Asian giant on everyone’s lips.

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Although it often seems that it is cell phones on sale, Xiaomi smartphones are among the cheapest on the market, so you should not make large outlays, with some exceptions, to acquire a quality mobile. In terms of value for money, opting for one of these cell phones will be one of the wisest decisions.

Xiaomi phones also stand out for their great performance since the company has achieved great associations in its processors, giving it a great advantage over the rest of the mid-range mobiles. Its smoothness and speed is incomparable to its competitors and this is due to the proprietary software that Xiaomi cell phones have in the hands of MIUI, Apple’s own operating system in the good style of iOS.

If you are looking for good quality mobile phones in Peru, the user is not necessarily obliged to look for cell phones on sale, but there are great options. Such is the case of the Xiaomi that has a range of possibilities on the market that will allow you to have a device that is always updated and with a battery life that will surely reach the end of the day with a charge, to name just two general aspects in which that a buyer looks at from the beginning.

Why trust Xiaomi that has just over 10 years of experience?

It is difficult to think of good cell phone brands without analyzing the trajectory that each one has in the market, although this does not always determine the quality of the product that is going to be offered to the market. The Chinese brand Xiaomi is one of those exceptions to the rule, which with little more than 10 years in the industry has shown that so much publicity is not necessary to reach the public of the world in general, but rather the most important goes through the benefits that you provide to users at the lowest possible cost.

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Just as it was baptized at some point as the Chinese Apple, its CEO Lei Jun followed some of the steps that gave revenue to the American apple, such as the differentiation of the operating system, creating its own elements for its mobiles, differentiating itself from all those with Android. Xiaomi has increased its features in the high range, and therefore prices, seeking to become the largest Premium brand in China, although it does not forget its first purpose and maintains low-end and mid-range lines, for all kinds of public.

In reference to the latter, in order not to take away the prestige of this search, Xiaomi has sub-brands on the market that allow, as we mentioned, to continue offering its users different qualities of mobile phones. Xiaomi, as the main brand, Redmi, as its second option, POCO as a medium-low range, and Black Shark, the gamer section of the brand, are the very good terminals with which the firm that has its headquartered in Haidian, Beijing.

In the similarities that the Chinese brand has with the one from Silicon Valley, it is that both present their specific products to associate with their own devices such as the Mi band, the Asian version of the Apple Watch, or the Xiaomi wireless headphones, which have little to offer. envy the AirPods. Although the Asian flagship has other accessories such as the Gamepad, Mi Scale, Mi Key, among others.

The development of the brand is not only for cell phones, since today it has an extensive catalog of various items for the home, such as computers and tablets, televisions, portable chargers, drones, robot vacuum cleaners, textiles, even electric vehicles such as skateboards. or cars. All these are much more than samples that, despite the youth that the company has, determine the magnitude that Xiaomi has and the support from the facts to be one of the leading brands in the world of cell phones, and the technology in general.

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Its exponential growth has been largely due to the philosophy of overcoming that is proposed from the highest positions of the firm, with the clear objective of being the number one in the market and little by little, in the case of cell phones, Samsung and Apple have stopped seeing it as an insignificant competition, a symbiosis that will make these two continue their growth as well.

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