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CHIAVARI – A mysterious woman, almost certainly the killer, at the time of Nada Cella’s crime, he answered two telephone calls from the office made by a client of the accountant.
On the third phone call from the same customer, Soracco answered, meanwhile arrived in the office, which immediately gave the alarm to 113 and to the mother who was in the house upstairs.

The homicide section of the police 25 years later has to find out if he could have been answering those calls Anna Lucia Cecere, the former teacher investigated immediately after the crime that took place on May 6, 1996 in via Marsala in Chiavari, archived and now re-entered in the register of suspects.

The woman is once again suspected thanks to the criminologist Antonella Pesce Delfino who managed to get the case reopened by learning that in the Cecere house, even then, the carabinieri had seized five buttons identical to the one found stained with blood at the crime scene.
A detail, it now turns out, ascertained by the carabinieri but that the magistrate of the time Filippo Gebbia had not communicated to the police in charge of the investigations.

Cecere’s position in ’96 had been filed within a few weeks and the homicide cops learned of the buttons just a year ago. Twenty-four years after the crime.

A municipal employee had called the office on May 6, 1996 clerk of the Chiavari Aqueduct Office, Giuseppina V., who wanted to ask for information on a tax return.

Between 8.40 and 8.45 he called twice without receiving answers, assuming that the office could open at 9 then he called back immediately after that time.

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A female voice had replied who, with an annoyed tone, when asked if it was the Soracco studio, replied “but, no!” and then hang up immediately.

The client, after having carefully checked the number, had called back: but on the other side of the line there was the same woman as before, even more agitated than after having reiterated with a sharp no that it was not the Soracco studio, she had hung up without giving possibility of replication.

The clerk, convinced that she had the wrong number, “maybe I’m still half asleep,” she said to a colleague at her side, she had gone to have a coffee at the bar. He called back after a few minutes, checking the number even better, in fact the same dialed before.
This time the answer was Soracco, who had in the meantime arrived at the office, who had invited her to call back because his secretary had just been attacked.

The investigation made it clear that the murder took place at 9.01am: the time when the Lavagno tenant who lived under the study hears a loud noise coming from above. Soracco, on the other hand, had entered the studio after 9.10 and, realizing the attack, had called 113 at 9.15.

So Giuseppina V. could have phoned immediately after the murder and just before the arrival of the accountant: when in the studio with the dying Nada there was only the killer, or the murderess, perhaps the same person who answered the client.

The question remains why a killer bothered to answer the phone in such a dramatic moment: perhaps so as not to ring the phone that Nada had to answer and not to set off the alarm for the attack.

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The acting chief prosecutor Francesco Pinto and the deputy prosecutor Gabriella Dotto coordinate the bis investigation.

Among the investigations not carried out in ’96 the scientific ones on the Cecere scooter, started only now with the aid of techniques not possible then: the luminol which reveals biological traces such as blood and the identification of the genetic code, the DNA, different from each individual, the signature of a murderer if found at the scene of a crime.

Why the exams on the scooter were not carried out 25 years ago has not been clarified: yet in one of the two anonymous phone calls and in the testimony of a beggar (now deceased) who ended up Cecere immediately under investigation it was said that the woman had been seen on the morning of the crime leaving the palace with a shocked air and a wound in her hand just as she got on her scooter, placed under seizure only two months ago in Boves, in the Cuneo area, where the woman moved a year after the crime.

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