Sport Celta de Vigo is targeting four promises of Mexican...

Celta de Vigo is targeting four promises of Mexican soccer

MEXICO – After the success of the Celta Vigo with Nestor Araujo, others players Mexicans are already registered in the agenda of this club The league from Spain.

“Yes, we would like to have Mexican players, of course we do, and we continue with our ‘scouts’ to several of them permanently,” he said in an interview by video call with ESPN the owner and President of the Celtic, Carlos Mouriño. “I wish some could come, but we do have several in the portfolio like [Uriel] Antuna, [Gerardo] Arteaga, Jonathan Gonzalez, [Jesús] AngleThey are players that we have permanently following them and that we have all their history.

“I hope we have the opportunity for the love that I have for MexicoI would like tremendously that Mexico I was represented on my team, I wish it could be with half the squad and half Mexicans

The Spanish businessman assured that at the time he made a formal offer for Diego Lainez, in addition to the one put on the table by Ajax from Holland and Real Betis, although the youth squad from America decided on the Andalusian team.

“We have already brought Araujo, we were fighting with Betis for the American player, LainezWe liked him a lot, but he went to another team, “he said.” We always have that opportunity open and we are always pending because every season or every two seasons we can make a great effort and we can bring in a player who really convinces us.

“This year, for example, for a team like Celtic pay or have the possibility of paying maybe 15 or 16 million euros for any of the players we have on loan as [Jeison] Murillo or Rafinha [Alcántara], for us it is already a lot of money, and in that money we can also get some players from Mexico. “

Despite the interest in signing more Mexicans, Mouriño finds a very real barrier when entering into negotiations.

“Football Mexican He is one of the ones we follow the most, but his football has a problem for us: it is very well paid and sometimes the fear of [jugador] Mexican to leave because he is comfortable in his country, he wins well, that from other parts such as Brazil or Argentina, that the average players, those that we can bring the teams like us, that are average players so that they break here and become Figures, in Mexico they have much higher salaries than in Argentina and Brazil, “he said.



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